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Parachromis managuensis
Jaguar Cichlid, Jaguar Guapote

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Photo Credit: Ann O'Mera

I am 15 and have a breeding pair of jaguars. They have bred twice and are currently taking care of the fry from the second batch. They are in a 200 L tank and are the only ones in there. I have had a lot of fish and these by far are my favorite. They show spectacular color, my male gets really dark and his top fin gets colors of green and blue in it when he is happy. They eat pellets and 1 cm convicts that are left over from my breeding convicts. I had to seperate 2 kennyi from my other 200 L and they killed one of them. The other one was fine and I moved him back to the other 200 L. These are great fish, with awesome personality! They also have an attitude especially when breeding. It gets quite dangerous cleaning the tank and even feeding them. The female once jumped out of the tank, lunging at my fingers! You must have quite a bit of space for these fish, because they do get pretty big. Other than that, this fish are a great investment, you will not regret getting this fish.

Contributed by Cathy Maynard

Over the course of several years I have kept 5 different Jags. Without fail they always kill all other tankmates. To keep this fish in a community of other fishes, the tankmates must be wolf cichlids and large predatory catfishes like red tails and shovelnoses. This fish cannot be kept with oscars, as they are not aggressive enough to handle the competetive, bullying Jag. I love the Jag. and consider it the most attractive of the cichlids.

Contributed by Jason Clough

My jaguar is about 9 months old and about 20 cm. I bought him when he was around the size of a thumb nail. In a tank with two oscars and a red devil (all three bigger than him) he is the master of his domain. Fiercely territorial, a voracious predator and possess a definite intelligence that makes him a true pet and a pleasure to keep.

Contributed by Lucasz Ostrowski

Jaguars are certainly one of the coolest cichlids I have owned, and I have owned just about every species out there. Currently I have a giant male jag named Beast, who measures in at about 35 cm and is one of the best looking jags I've ever seen. He is very aggressive toward people and other fish. You can't even walk in the room he's in, or he puffs up real big and follows you around the room. When he gets frustrated that he can't bite you, he opens his mouth up really wide and thrashes around.

Contributed by Dale Milliken

I have male jaguar cichlid with oscars, firemouth, blue gorami and colombian shark, and they're all doing just fine. If you put jaguar cichlids in very large (2000 liters) aquariums they will work with lesser aggressive cichlid species. Their aggressive temper is overrated, they are only aggressive if are housed in a small aquarium or are challenged to fight.

Contributed by a visitor

I have four of these cichlids and they are by far my favorite of the large cichlids. My 35 cm male is the ruler of my 2400 liter tank. These cichlids will eat a variety of foods. I sometimes give my jaguars shrimp, redworms, flakes, or frozen pellets. I love this cichlid because of it's aggressive behavior. I house them with another of the more aggressive cichlids, the Red Devils. My tank is full of activity but these fish have been together for 5 years and respect each other's territory, so all get along well most of the time. I have not been able to breed the Jaguars successfully, but I do intend on doing so in the future when I purchase another indoor pond.

Contributed by Darrell Banks

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