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Parachromis managuensis
Jaguar Cichlid, Jaguar Guapote

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Photo Credit: Mark Edwards

Name: Parachromis managuensis
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Central America
35 cm 400 L 7.0 25C


This is another Nicaraguan fish. It is a 35 cm predator that specializes in eating soft rayed fishes. It's best described as a bulldog like fish. Loves to dig and defend its territory. Will stand up to any other fish and fight to the death.

Contributed by Jef Blake

I had a breeding pair of Jaguars a year ago, named "ARGUELLO & MAMACITA". After two years I traded them in, with my favorite FISHMANIAC. Arguello was by far the largest male that anyone I know had seen (approx. 43 cm, 1 kg). I should get a scanner one day. Anyway, my wife got tired of them giving her a shower while she sat on the couch watching TV. I was deploying a lot (in the navy) & she couldn't really tend to them properly. They also broke the glass tops & killed every other fish in their 500 L tank. They even broke the lighting fixture. If Mamacita wasn't ready when he was, he'd raise hell. I would recommend setting up a lone breeder tank for a pair. I heard that "my kids", as my wife called them, are doing fine in a 680 L aquarium.

Contributed by Kenny Lee

I have 3 Jaguar Guapotes right now. The male (the largest of the three) is a digger. He can move lots of gravels in just one day. The three like to take small fishes for their meal. They are highly territorial a merciless killers. My male has killed a lot of his tankmates including green terrors and a carpintis during a fight and a heckelii who was trapped in his territory.

Contributed by Benedick Pahimulin

You can't beat a Jaguar. It combines spectacular colouration, and is one hell of an aggressive fish. I have a 16 cm specimen in a 450 L tank with several other Central American Cichlids (including a Red Devil) and it rules the tank. I tried feeding them a Platy, and they all went crazy! They all chased the poor Platy and the Red Devil finally caught its tail. It was too big to fit in the RD's mouth though, so it let it go and my Jaguar gulped it down. They require a large territory, and can easily stand up to, and kill, most fish of same size, including Red Devils, Trimaculatus, etc. A very interesting fish otherwise.

Contributed by John Oh

I have a baby jaguar and he is the baddest fish around. He will kill anything I put in with him. I tried out a pictus cat and that did not work out too well. This fish is a serious digger, and loves to eat. He (Rose) is the meanest fish I know, but with the most beautiful color!

Contributed by Kevin Mengarelli

I had jaguars and by far they were the most ferocious cichlids. I always got nipped when I cleaned the aquarium and the jaguar would always lunge at my fingers or hand. One time it even jumped out of the aquarium. I fed mine beef heart and it grew to about 13-15 cm when I sold it back, since I couldn't put any cichlid in the tank because it would beat it to death. I had another jaguar and several cichlids and catfish and almost all suffered torn fins or died from brutal attacks.

Contributed by Carlos Legaspi

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