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Glossolepis incisus
Red Rainbowfish, Salmon-Red Rainbow Fish, New Guinea Red Rainbowfish

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I was given this fish as a gift and after searching for an "Iranian Red" I found the true common name is Irian Red. Mine is red with a gold sheen and about 10 cm long. He is a lively and fun fish and is generally seen pairing up with my Redtail Shark. I call them the Odd Couple. Great fish, friendly with all and an eager eater.

Contributed by Steve Barrett

I have a 200 L tank with 4 Boeseman Rainbows, 4 Eastern Rainbows and 2 of these Red New Guineas. I thought I had a pair of Reds as one was RED and one was BRONZE when I bought them as half grown juveniles. Turns out that the dominant male will be the darkest red. I have two males. They frequently join the orgy of mating with any female rainbow of the other types in the tank. You have to keep broad leaved anubias, cryptocorynes, and Java ferns if you want any plants...haha. They get along great with Clown Loaches and Siamese Bumblebee Catfish also!

Contributed by Reva Gray

I have a pair of these. In last moonsoon they started breeding. The male was very aggressive at that time and its red colour was very beautiful. They give my tank a very beautiful look.

Contributed by Shameek Bhadra

I have a 10 cm full grown male of this species that loves to follow my cory cat around, foraging for food. They have a curious behavior that is sometimes amusing. They are a wonderful addition for a rainbow tank.

Contributed by Nanette Sarquiz

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