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Glossolepis incisus
Red Rainbowfish, Salmon-Red Rainbow Fish, New Guinea Red Rainbowfish

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incisus1.jpg (14kb)
Photo Credit: Richard Brown

Name: Glossolepis incisus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Irian Jaya (Indonesia)
12 cm 100 L 7.2 28C


This is a very great fish. It is even a good fish for beginners, as long as the tank is cycled. The fish do not always show the brilliant red colors as the pictures show. They are not one of the cheaper fish, but well worth the money at around 4 - 5 dollars a fish. They seem to get along well with other rainbowfish, tetras, barbs, catfish, and others. I have also heard of people keeping them with cichlids. NOT THE EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE ONES! These rainbows will definitely brighten your aquarium and your appreciation for these native Australia/New Guinea fish.

Contributed by Brian Surf

My "Red" is approximately 10 cm long, with a gold cast to the red coloraton. All literature I've read suggests that they typically have a silvery cast to the body with a silver head. I don't know why mine are different. My red seems to be very curious, especially of the blue lobster he shares the tank with. He will swim through the cave where the lobster rests, as though he will not be denied the opportunity to swim anywhere he has a notion. A lot of fun to watch and almost continuously swims with his fins fully extended. They will search for food on the bottom, but are mainly mid and surface feeders.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have this fish along with my other three Rainbows (i.e. Yellow, Emerald, and Turquoise), my Albino Plecos and an EathEater that is still very young. The brilliant red is a color variance between males and females. Where the females have a more metallic coloring. I have enjoyed this fish and still enjoy its curious behavior with the other fish in the tank. It is a very good community fish and I would recommend this fish to a friend.

Contributed by Martin Tasker

I have a pair of these and find them chasing the dwarf gouramis and crimson barbs constantly. The plants are also slowly getting shredded. The tank is 180 L and only 10 smallish fish.

Contributed by a visitor

I had four male red rainbows in with a tank of neon tetras, a couple of clown loaches, a plecostomus and some danios. The rainbows ate 10 of my neons in 2 weeks. They are lovely, active fish, but I had to exchange them because I don't like buying neon tetras as live food for other fish.

Contributed by Ian Bursill

Very, very nice fish, one of my favorites. I bought two of them 5 months ago and put them in a 320 L and even though they are expensive in Mexico (US$10 each) they are great. The ones that I bought are not as red as the pictured one, they have a silver cast but it does not matter, they are unique. When I feed my aquarium, these are the fastest ones to eat. I definitely recommend this fish and they are a very good community fish.

Contributed by Jose Luis Jasso

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