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Beaufortia kweichowensis
Chinese Hillstream Loach

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hillstream3.jpg (13kb)
Photo Credit: James Forgan

I have 3 of these fascinating little fellows. I can't quite tell from the photo above, but mine have blue tail fins. I have found photos elsewhere on the net that classify them as Gastromyzon punctulatus. I keep the water temp at 19C and they seem to be doing well. I'm in the process of installing a trickling filter which I'm hoping will increase the oxygen levels in the tank. I bought them in New Zealand for $15 NZ.

Contributed by James

I have purchased 6 of these interesting fish thinking they resembled a stingray. They were sold as HongKong plecos. I keep them in my tank with an assortment of fish in a very warm tank - 29C and I find them active all the time and in good health. I have had them now for 4 months. They eat just about everything I put in there, including zucchini, although they are fond of blood worms and they do keep the algae down to a minimum. I would recommend these fish for any tank. I am keeping mine in a 270 liter with angels, discus, corydoras, cardinal tetras and your typical plecos, haven't had a problem yet...

Contributed by Randy

These fish are great! I only have one and it is only about 4 cm long, but it would have to be one of my favourite fish. I find that it spends almost all of its time on the glass. I live in New Zealand and it only cost me about US$2. My one is active in the daytime and at night and seems to sleep in the early evening and early morning. It sleeps upside down under a rock! Recently I bought a bigger tank and it was incredibly hard to catch this fish in a net. I kept my fish in a chilly bin while I adjusted the water in the new tank. When I wanted to put this fish back into the new tank I just lifted out the rock and the fish came with it!

Contributed by Leo Pardon

I have a Hillstream Loach that shares a small cold water tank with four Rosey Red Minnows and until recently four Cyprinella Lutrensis (Rainbow Dace). The tank temperature varies between 12 and 23C, depending on the time of year. The Loach is not a fan of bright light and spends 99% of it's time hiding behind the filter. I have never seen it eating.

Contributed by Matthew Edwards

When I purchased the little beast, it was being called a Butterfly Pleco. I am happy to find out its real name. He or she is very charming, and extremely active. I have a 150 liter tank that is planted, with many rocks, and two large root masses. In the center of the tank, there is a large area of sand, an overflowing bowl, where I burry bloodworms for my gobies. When I first introduced my hillstream, it did primarily stick to the glass, but now spends most of the time on rocks, roots, and especially in the sand and gravel, fanning its wing like fins creating two little rooster tails digging for food. The gobies and frog now even follow it during worm feedings, grabbing what extra goodies are kicked up. It seems to get excited no matter what food is offered, from worms, to algae, to flake. I have even spotted it on the veggies I put in for my (real) pleco. I would recommend a bowl or an area of fine sand, and other decor, if you want yours off the glass a bit more.

Contributed by Edward Bate

I have had my hillstream loach for several months now. We have named him CC which stands for Creepy Crawly. This is the name of a swimming pool cleaning device which he resembles. He was initially shy and would only come out at night. During these times he was quite active. He has now adapted to the tank and can be seen almost all the time. He does not appear to eat any algae in the tank. He mainly consumes the flakes that I feed some of the other tank members. He is the most active at feeding time and seems to get quite excited. He will not eat blood worms or vegetable matter. He can change his shade and from my observations, he seems to get lighter when he is trying to hide and darker when he is upset or sulking. He gets along with all the fish in my tank except the juvenile male bristlenose catfish. When CC sees him on the glass he will race past and knock him off. I assume CC thinks the glass is his territory. These are great little fish with a lot of personality. They are also very easy to keep. I would recommend them to anyone.

Contributed by a visitor

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