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Beaufortia kweichowensis
Chinese Hillstream Loach

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hillstream2.jpg (18kb)
Photo Credit: James Forgan

Name: Beaufortia kweichowensis
Origin: Hong Kong

Size Tank pH Temp
6 cm 60 L 6.7 23C


Bought a hillstream loach from the shop for Singapore $1.50. The fish is just like in the picture and it is beautiful when it glides mid-water across the tank, though only briefly. It is about 3 cm long and goes on the sides of the tanks at all times, instead of the gravel. Rather shy and elusive, although it has been spotted eating my diatoms (brown algae). Hard to catch with a net.

Contributed by Andy Chiok

I have six of these fish (usually called the Chinese hillstream loach) in a 180 liter coldwater tank they share with 4 fancy goldfish and a big shoal of white clouds. The 24C mentioned above is a bit high. These fish are from coldwater streams and 17-21C is more suitable. They need wood and algae to feed on and will eagerly hoover up frozen bloodworm of the bottom gravel. When in good condition, these fish develop a gorgeous red edge to their dorsal fins.

Contributed by Guy Wood

I had a "Hillstream Loach" for three months but when I left to go to Kings Island for the weekend my father told me to leave the light on. So I did, and when I came back the temperature was over 43C! And all the fish were swimming around franticly. I turned the light and the heater off. But the Borneo Sucker or " Hillstram Loach" was too hot and it could not stick itself to the glass and just gave up and it let the current take control and finally sank to the bottom where it laid until its heart stopped beating and turned black. I love these fish and I will purchase one for my new tank. But be very careful with the tank temps.

Contributed by Dick M.

Just got one recently and I love to watch it fight against the current created by my filter. It is one strong fish! Pity it is quite shy and I only get to see it when the room lights are dimmed.

Contributed by Sixtus Goh

Have two of these, found out only after purchase (another case of the supplier not knowing about the fish) that they like cool waters and a lot of water movement. However to my delight they are doing wonderfully in a tank steady at 28C, I have Discus. They frequent the gravel and "dance" when they find pellets there. We don't find them to be shy at all and find their gliding and curiosity very enjoyable.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have one of these fish also. Mine usually comes out both day and night. Ever since we took out some of the gravel, it's been on the spot where the gravel was taken out. The pet store that I got it from called it a Butterfly Pleco. But it sometimes comes off the spot. When it goes on the gravel, it always arches its back. I feed it blood worms but the bigger fish eat it before the "Hillstream Loach".

Contributed by Mike Bembenek

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