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Hemiodus gracilis
Slender Hemiodus

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hemiod2.jpg (23kb)
Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name: Hemiodus gracilis
Origin: Amazon Basin

Size Tank pH Temp
15 cm 150 L 6.8 24°C


Mostly wild caught or pond bred, Hemiodus gracilis is a fine addition to a larger tank with peaceful fish. Owning four specimens, I can attest to their variability in appearance - likely indicating some sexual dimorphism. I have yet to breed them, but male fish seem to be slimmer bodied and sometimes have an extension of the black line reaching to the operculum. A schooling fish, it is advisable to keep them in groups. Plants are something of a necessity due to their nervous nature; in conjunction, the tank should be covered. Plant matter should also account for a considerable portion of their diet. Once established, they make an interesting and unique dither fish for South American cichlids - as they are too big and fast to become an easy meal.

Contributed by Gerald Peer

I have 8 Hemiodopsis gracilis, but these are the “Redtail Hemiodus”. They are in a 450 L Tetra community tank with: Diamond, Lemon, Neon, Black Neon, Bleeding Heart, Serpae, Bloodfin, Blue, Redeye, Black skirt, Pristella, Buenos Aires, Black Phantom Tetras (plus a few others that I am not sure what they are called) and a hand full of bottom feeders. I picked the first 3 up at a chain pet store, they had a tank full of them. I only got 3 - mistake - took a year to find more. I had to order them. They are well worth it if you have room for them to run, as they are large (10-15 cm) and swim rapidly in school formation. Very dramatic!

Contributed by Thomas Kint

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