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Nandopsis haitiensis
Haiti Cihlid

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haiti1.jpg (19kb)
Photo Credit: Cichlid Scene

Name: Nandopsis haitiensis
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Central America
35 cm 400 L 7.8 27C


My male Haitiensis (33 cm) is the sole cichlid in a 680 liter, along with some large (12 to 20 cm) clown loaches and plecos. The Haiti is a blast to keep; it's not the least bit shy and is always swimming out in the open. However, it is a compulsive digger and re-arranger of tank decorations. Grows big, reaching 30 cm in less than 2 years, and can attain upwards of 40 cm. Develops fantastic finnage, including a huge "sail-like" dorsal fin with trailing filaments.

Contributed by Chris Persson

Possibly one of the most aggressive cichlid species, giving doviis, umbriferums, and managuenses a run for their money. Resembles a Nandopsis tetracanthus on steroids. This hyper-aggressive beast comes from the west Indies islands of Hispaniola.

Contributed by Charlie Kim

The Haitian cichlid aka Odo or "black nasty" is a very aggressive and beautiful fish. They are built to destroy other fish. And they do so with gusto! Males grow over 40 cm and females grow over 30 cm. My male Haitian cichlid, at only 15 cm, totally wiped out all the fish in "his" 680 liter tank. At 15 cm he killed a pair of 23 cm jaguar cichlids, three 29 cm texas cichlids, a breeding pair of 23 cm mayan cichlids, two 25 cm oscars and and a 23 cm red devil. If you thought that was bad, females are worse than males. My female haitian cichlid at 15 cm killed two 25 cm red devils! I still love this fish.

Contributed by Anton Willis

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