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Corydoras habrosus
Rio Salinas Cory Cat

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Photos & Comments

habrosus1.jpg (11kb)
Photo Credit: Shawna in CA

Name: Corydoras habrosus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Rio Salinas (Venezuela)
4 cm 40 L 7.0 25C


These little guys are extremely easy to care for. I have been keeping Corys for about 2 months and they are the easiest fish to care for. They eat live foods, sinking pellets and sometimes shrimp. These fellows never do anything bad, but the only thing to keep in mind is to keep them in a school of at least three. Corys are mainly very hardy fish and can survive in areas where oxygen is scarce, so keep them in a tank where the water level is not too high as these fellows like to make quick dashes up to the surface for air.

Contributed by Dilip Doshi

These tiny guys are also like full sized Corydoras in every way, except size. They get a bit bigger than the C. hastatus, but not very much. Probably a difference of only a few milimeters. These fish are social and like to school. They are easy to feed, and I keep LOTS of them in more than one tank in my home. Keep them with other peaceful fish. Their size makes them a prime target for snackies if kept with larger fish who enjoy the occasional live meal. If you've got a small tank, say 40 liters or less, and would like some interesting bottom feeders, this Cory, and the other Pygmy Cory would be fantastic additions!

Contributed by Shawna

These are just the funniest little fish. They love to swim freely in tanks that contain driftwood. I have three of these fishes and they provide amazement that lasts for years. Not to mention they love to eat the leftovers from other fish. I think that these fish must have a personality. Everytime I walk into the room they follow me and watch my every step. These are great starter fish.

Contributed by Travis Reeves

These fish are my favorite fish of all time. I have 8 and they are full of personality. Also they've been with me a while too (almost 5 years). I had 9 but 1 jumped out of the tank and got eaten by my sister's cat! It was a sad day. They are all in my tank with various species of barbs and tetras and other cory cats. I highly recommend this fish to anyone who likes cory cats.

Contributed by Paul Konrad

I recently bought 4 of these little chaps, and I can't stop watching them, they are fantastic. I have a Bristlenose who totally ignores them, along with 4 Oto's and 4 Melini Cories. The funniest thing is when I feed the bottom feed flakes, they go in for their share as if they are equal to the Melini. For sheer entertainment value I would recommend these little guys.

Contributed by Annie

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