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Carassius auratus
Fancy Goldfish, Kingyo, Moor

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Photo Credit: Amy Tran

I just wanted to say that I donīt consider it cruel to keep most types of Fancy Goldfish. Some types are so mutated it means they can't swim properly, which is cruel, e.g overly fantailed species/species with no dorsal fins. A lot of these fish just sit at the bottom of the tank looking bored. This is not just physically cruel, but Goldfish are quite intelligent and this is no life for any animal. However the average fancy fishīs swimming is only slightly impaired, and they are fit enough to get out of the way of others and to find food. It is not wrong to keep these fish (or at least I think so). My fancies eat out of my hand which no stressed out fish will do, so I donīt think that I am depriving them of anything. So I suppose I am kind of in the middle of the argument. At the end of the day you can do what you want and your opinion is as valuable as mine but I hope this gives you another view on the argument whatever you think.

Contributed by Josse McMahon

I believe Fancy Goldfish are terrific creatures! They've been my constant pets since I was born, and they're extremely hardy and long-lived as long as you take precautions such as appropriate tank decorations and size, right food, proper water temperature and chemistry, etc. I currently have six fancies, all eye-types: Jiggy (black moor), Ziggy (red bubble eye), Draco (orange celestial) and Peppermint (white telescope) live at the home aquarium, and Orange Julius Ceasar (red telescope) and Titania (calico crown pearlscale telescope) live in the school dorm tank. They're cute, zesty and very much enjoying life as they are the joy in my life!

Contributed by Goldfish Girl

I think Fancy Goldfish are awesome! If kept right they can live for more than fifteen years, as an Oranda of mine has. But, they are hard to keep and more often than not, 25 cent feeder fish in a poor tank live longer than a $4 fancy fish does in a quality tank.

Contributed by D. Hallgren

Fish keeping is pretty new to me. I've only started as a hobbyist since three years ago. All this time I'm proud to say that I found Goldfish, particularly the fancy ones, an awesome variety of aquarium fishes. I have kept only fancy Goldfish since I started and have experienced the sad stories of starting aquaria but I never failed to be amazed and be satisfied with keeping them. At present, I have three Ryukins the size of a closed fist (red, red/white and white), a calico comet, and two ear-sized telescopes (gold and a black moor). I'm using a 150 liter tank and planted it with two species of live plants. They eat a lot, including the telescopes that does not let the ryukins have it all. They swim like graceful dancers and has always set me in mood from tiring days of school.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have kept Gold Fish over the years and was a previous member of the Gold Fish Society of America, having some short articles and a poem published by them in '84. At the present time I have one small Black Moor and 3 Baby Orandas although one is about 8 cm and is bigger than the others. I adore fancy Gold Fish. They make Great Pets and they do know the hand that feeds them. I recently lost a beautiful Fan Tail due to a Bully that I had in the tank. He is now in his own small tank as he is only 3 cm. I worried about the Fan Tail bothering the Babies but it turned out the other way around and the Fan Tail ended up dying because of the Bully. The others are fine together in their 110 liter tank. Keeping Fancy Gold Fish is a challenge as they require frequent water changes and salt in their tanks. Their head growths and beautiful finnage are the rewards of keeping them. Mine also know that the minute the filters are shut off they know exactly where to come to in the tank for their feed. Sometimes I drop them a couple extra pellets into the bottom and they have never failed to find it. Also, Gold Fish like to explore and be entertained. I change decorations in the tank from time to time so they don't get bored of their surroundings. I have open tanks for easier cleaning and seldom use lights and kept as dark as possible in the daytime which is very effective in controling algae. I only use the lights and hoods when there is company to view these gorgeous creatures.

Contributed by Wayne McPherson

I bought 2 goldfish and a bowl a year ago to have an easy start to my 5-year desire to start fishkeeping. I mistakenly thought I'd "get my feet wet" before taking on a tropical tank. When I started reading up on the literature about goldfish on the web I almost died! I was one of those horrible people that bought on impulse instead of reading up...within one week, my 2 goldfish had their own 75 liter tank and have been my pride and joy ever since! Three months ago I moved them to a 200 liter tank with rocks and a few plants for decoration, and added a gold and black oranda (Irene) to my red cap fantail (Buddy) and black moor (Angel). I watch carefully when feeding to make sure Angel gets enough, and there really hasn't been a problem. My Goldfish tank is less "busy" than my 280 L tropical tank (over 30 fish), but I love to spend time looking at my graceful goldfish! I look forward to many, many years with them.

Contributed by Christine

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