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Cyphotilapia frontosa
Frontosa Cichlid

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Photo Credit: Cristiano Frade

The Frontosa is a brilliant fish, I have 3, all of which are small and are only just developing a hump on their head. They go well with any other Lake Tanganyikan Cichlids. I also have Plecos and Shell Dwellers and they get along peacefully. Just watch for a healthy fish when buying, because they can be sick and lacking energy. Also, make sure they are covered because they tend to jump out of the tank.

Contributed by John Hall

This is my favorite fish out of all that I own. He is also one of the calmest, about equal to my firemouth in temperament (a very calm female). I plan to eventually mate him. This guy is continually landscaping, so I've got a good amount of river rocks in the aquarium and no live plants, currently. At around a year he is still developing his hump. These are excellent cichlids and are interesting due to the fact that they seem to be continually observing and taking in everything in their surrounding area.

Contributed by R. C.

I have 3 Fronts in my 180 liter tank. I have raised them by themselves in it for four years now. They started to spawn this year and I have had 3 batches of four each. The funny thing is I have a dominant male and only one female out of the three. I have only had one real dominance problem in the tank, but since then they have been perfect. I love them, and there is not another fish that is better!

Contributed by Spencer Bowles

I have recently gained 1 male and one female Frontosa. They are living happily in my 640 litre tank with several other aggressive cichlids, including a Green Terror and a Blue Dempsey (among others). I must agree with what others have said - they are the keepers of the peace however they are both approximately 16 cm, which is slightly bigger than the rest of the bunch. I would encourage any lover of beautiful fish to get a pair of these guys. They are a lovely fish both in color and in temperament.

Contributed by Adam Crofts

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