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Labidochromis freibergi
Freiberg's Mbuna

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freiberg1.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Micha

Name: Labidochromis freibergi
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)

Size Tank pH Temp
8 cm 80 L 8.0 25C


Highly beautiful cichlid! Becoming more easy to find at local fish stores. Though beautiful, can be aggressive. Don't house these with peaceful cichlids such as Crytocara moori.

Contributed by Andrea Harrell

I have finally found out how to tell male from female apart and wanted to share for others wanting to know. The male has a lot of yellow spots on his bottom fin in the back, while the female only has one. She gathers her eggs and sees the male's spots thinking they are her eggs, so she tries to get them off of him, which causes him to let loose his sperm to fertilize the eggs.

Contributed by a visitor

I was attracted by their nice blue color and their stripes when I bought a male and female a couple months ago. I called them Couple. An aggressive fish, they terrorized my jewel fish and killed one of my albino red-fin sharks. I transferred them to their own tank and they seemed to be very happy with it. On the other hand, they are nice aquarium pets, very active and beautiful cichlids.

Contributed by Suryc Lohsalahp

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