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Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus
Flying Fox

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

It's a very fine fish. It has more personality then a Labeo Bicolor or Frenatus, but just like them, you should only put 1 in your tank unless you have an enormous tank, and they don't like Labeo's either. Watch out, they can turn your tank into stress. Really.

Contributed by Zenith

I have a flying fox, it's one of my favourite fish, amusing and relaxing to watch. It does graze on algae on leaves and rocks, but it doesn't clear a tank at all in comparison to my tiger pleco. It is only aggressive towards the Colombian tetras, occasionally chasing them.

Contributed by Daniel Halperin

We have always kept these guys, torpedos is what my daughter calls them. Our oldest is now pushing 9 years and stopped growing at about 13 cm in length. I have kept them in pairs as adults, but have also had one (this one in particular) who will not tolerate any other flying fox or similarly shaped fish (red tailed sharks, etc.) in his tank. The lucky ones have been driven into hiding, the unlucky...well. Anyway, I have not seen them lately for sale, and am concerned because I could not imagine not having one or two in my fish tanks.

Contributed by Larry Slagle

My 7 year old flying fox has now reached about 20 cm in length. As it grew older, it tended to become grumpy. My flying fox chases 7 tinfoils of the same size around the tank, occasionally tearing one's fins. On the other hand, most of the time it's very peaceful. Mine still eats algae at it's old age.

Contributed by Eric Weggeman

One of the first fish I ever owned was a FF, and he was a complacent, lay-about fish in my 200 L community tank for years, till I gave him away. I bought another one about a year ago, and he is the exact same way. Very lazy, with a swollen tummy from being such a pig. He floats about the tank, nibbling on leaves and resting on rocks and such. A great community fish, always one of my favorites.

Contributed by Adam Dotsey

I purchased my Flying Fox (Herby) about 3 months ago, he has settled into my Juwel Vision 180 L aquarium very well as far as I know. He's about 7 cm long. He loves to rest on my bogwood and dart around the tank chasing the barbs (that's where the name flying comes from). He has been through many experiences when I had Serpae Tetras, they tormented my Flying Fox who was hidden under my filter at the time crying his eyes out. They were going after him in two's. Then I decided to remove them from my tank. It took Herby about a week to acclimatize from then on. When you purchase these fish they are very jumpy and Herby even leaped out of the open bag into the water, so I never had to release him myself! My fish has a spectacular personality, you could view these fish all day, darting around showing who's boss. He is by far the most fun and interesting fish to watch in my tank. Even being outnumbered 3 to 1 by my Clown Loaches, he still tries to keep his authority in the tank at feeding time. Snatching food off other fish. These fish can get stressed when changing water, so keep that time as short as possible. Herby loves crystal clear water or he tends to sulk. My Flying Fox loves a varied diet of green and pellet food. Yet, although I purchased him to eat the algae, he does nothing of the sort, he will graze for about a few seconds every day then just get bored. Or maybe he just eats algae when he feels like it. However, if you are looking for a good algae eater like I was, go for a similar looking species called the Siamese Algae Eater. Although you probabaly won't even tell which of the kind you have brought until you get it under your own light.

Contributed by Luke Norton

I have a male flying fox named Angus and I love him! He is a gorgeous fish who spends his time searching the substrate for food morsels. He never bothers his tank mates, and he cleans algae off the large stem plants. He loves to eat sinking algae tablets, and his beautiful gold stripe and red fins make him a show-fish in my aquarium. Once in a while, he chases my Congo Tetras, but he has never done any damage. A loner, he likes to "hang out" under a large fake log. Playing in the bubble curtain is one of his favorite activities, and it shows off his startlingly silver belly. He uses his mini-barbels to get algae everywhere...even on the bottom of leaves! I love him!

Contributed by Maggie Gardiner

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