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Mesonauta festivus
Festive Cichlid, Flag Cichlid, Festivum

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Mesonauta_festivus_1.jpg (18kb)
Photo Credit: Con Vogiatzakis

This is a truely a wonderful fish, which I've had for over 3 years. It was peaceful until it grew to adult size, and then became aggressive to all in the aquarium. It now lives with a jaguar cichlid and becomes extremely aggressive during feeding time. It has now reached the stage where he shakes his head at me and takes short fast bursts towards me every time I approach the tank. He also hits the tops of the tank and splashes water everywhere at feeding time. As long as you're willing to look after this fish for the long term...all I can say is good luck.

Contributed by Con Vogiatzakis

I bought 2 about a year ago when they were about 5 cm and lucky enough were a male and female, the male has grown very fast and the female has grown very slowly. At the moment the male is over 10 cm and tall. I read the males were very selective with their partners and it seems to have happened to mine, he chases her away when she gets close, but doesn't injure her, she hides in the plants. They are still both very healthy and get along fine with my Congo tetra's. Definitely recommended.

Contributed by Shane

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