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Australoheros facetus
Chameleon Cichlid, Chanchito

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Photos & Comments

facetum1.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Ronaldo Hilgert

Name: Australoheros facetus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Southern Brazil to Argentina
25 cm 200 L 6.8 23░C


The chameleon cichlid is the best cichlid you can have. I have two of them and they are brilliant. When ever I tap on the glass they know I'm getting ready to feed them and swim straight to the top of the tank. Aside from them being smart and cute, they are aggressive. I had 2 jack dempsey's and as soon as my chameleons saw them they immediately attacked and killed them. I was disappointed, but I forgave them. I love these fish.

Contributed by Mark Anderson

Here in the north of Portugal, I have several of these cichlids in outside ponds during the summer, and they breed with no problems. During winter I have to save them from the normal low temperatures, and for that I've reserved a 120 L aquarium, in which they breed too. They are wonderful, but not so peaceful cichlids. I must say that they live and reproduce all the year freely in nature in South of Portugal (some rivers in Alentejo). As far as I'm concerned, it's the only place in Europe, apart from a few areas in Spain, which has these cichlids introduced in the wild.

Contributed by JosÚ do Pinho

Weird fish these are. I have a breeding pair in a 200 L tank along side a couple of peacocks. The male is about 20 cm and the female is not that much smaller, at 19 cm or so. When they bred last year, I so happened to see about 100 fry or so, but I knew there were more. They are not that hard to breed, although they do require a lot of rocks, just like all other Americans. I did not get to see all but 5 babies, because I introduced some 5 cm oscars who ate them all. Now there are only 4 left and they are pretty big.

Contributed by Michael Jacob

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