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Aphyosemion elberti
Elberti Killifish

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Aphyosemion elberti (12kb)
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Name: Aphyosemion elberti
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: West Africa
6 cm 40 L 6.5 26C


I bought a pair of "Aphyosemion elberti" 'Bafoussam' and have them in a 40 liter tank with a sponge filter, a spawning mop, and Java moss. They like frozen bloodworms, brines, and cyclops. The temperature is 23C. Soon I was harvesting 5-7 eggs/week. I have my fry in a small container. The fry did not like first bites or frozen baby brines. I started introducing microworms and they have responded nicely given the movement from live prey.

Contributed by Ron Leong

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