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Macrognathus siamensis
Spot-Finned Spiny Eel, Peacock Eel

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Photo Credit: Andy Isoft

Name: Macrognathus siamensis
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Southeast Asia
25 cm 250 L 6.7 28°C


This eel likes to burrow under the gravel. Can be kept with barbs, large tetras, and not-so-aggressive cichlids. I have fed it blackworms, pellets, and frozen food. Interesting fish/eel to keep.

Contributed by Brian Surf

I love eels. Though I have not kept them in a while. A problem has arosen every time I get one, them seem to slither out of tanks. I have had two do this. The post above says about everything about these fish. Make sure there are no places for them to slither out of.

Contributed by Mr Discus

Yeah I have 2 of them. But I NEVER see them unless I clean the tank. They go up into rocks and never come out. Since they donīt come out I have never seen them eat at all so I donīt know what they eat.

Contributed by M. Dillon

I have a peacock eel; about 13 cm long and either very active or very still. When he's still he hides his body in a thick outcropping of broadleaf plants and just pokes his head out - his eyes follow everything though. When he's active he seems to want to escape the tank - pushing against the glass as he slithers up and down the front pane. I've never seen him go so far as to try to climb out of the tank - though my tank is well covered and I'm not always around to observe him. I've never seen him at night because the tank is at my office. I've fed him frozen shrimp and bloodworms...he seems to prefer the bloodworms, though he's not a very aggressive eater. Even my Blue Neons get to the food before the eel.

Contributed by Warren Window

Because this eel likes to bury itself, it should be kept in a tank with a sand substrate. To keep them from escaping their tanks, try keeping the water level about 5 cm below the top of the tank and cover all openings in the hood with a fine mesh plastic grating (look in craft stores for this). My eel will not eat feeder fish, so instead he gets ghost shrimp and earthworms. Eels love to eat those and will grow well on this diet.

Contributed by Bowsie

I am rather lucky to have two tire track eels (8 cm & 14 cm). My 14 cm tire track eel was buried underground at the pet store for 6 months in their community fish tank! I was the 'only' customer to actually see the eel's small head poking out of the gravel. When I brought this eel back to my community tank, it has been ABOVE GROUND ever since! I see it swimming all over. NOTE: My neons, Ghost shrimp, and Guppies will be eaten by the eels at some point. Till then, I am feeding them frozen bloodworms). The only difference between my tank and the pet store, is my tank has lots of above ground caves for both eels to hide out in, as well my tank has a large clump of tall, leafy (small leafs, but lots of em) plants to hide in. None of my eels burrow underground anymore! I think they only burrow underground to protect themselves if they feel threatened. All the caves, hidaways and plant clumps seem to make them feel less threatened!

Contributed by Robb Thomas

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