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Parachromis dovii
Wolf Cichlid

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Photo Credit: Rick Buttowski

All I can say is: this fish is the baddest, coolest and meanest fish around. I currently own two in my huge tank and sometimes, I feed them raw meat and they seem to love it. I think these fish are carnivores because they never seem to eat flakes or vegetables.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have had a dovii in my 435 liter tank for a year with two jack dempseys and a 60 cm pleco that is about 12 years old. My dovii is about 30 cm now, when I bought him from the local pet store he was only 4 cm. The pet store said that they only get about 20 cm like the dempsey so I bought it. Now about 1 year has past since I bought him and he is the ruler of the tank, very aggressive, but the dempseys hold their own ground. They won't leave without a fight but usually give up and go into their cave. My dempseys are about 20-22 cm and real aggressive, just like my dovii.

Contributed by Jordan Gutwein

I used to breed Dovii back in the eighties, along with Tilapia Maree's. Yes, I had these fish in the same 200x45x35 cm tank. It was fun to see as the Dovii pair were at one end and the Tilapia pair at the other end of the tank. It was like you could draw a line down the centre of the tank. They seemed to be happy with that arrangement. The pair of Tilapia's were both about the same size of 25 cm and my female Dovii was 20 cm while my male was 35 cm, but he could not swim as he had a damaged swim bladder. That's how I got him. He could still breed though. So I had Tilapias breeding and Dovii's breeding, both were OK. The Dovii's were by far the masters of the tank though. I also had a 35 cm black shark and about 10 plecos in with them. They had all been together for about a year, when I got up one morning and found my black shark was dead. I beleive it was attacked, but has always been a mistery. I used to have two 30 cm Tiger Oscars in with the Tilapia's and Dovii's, but my male Dovii picked one up from underneath and rammed it into the lid. It was a hell of a thud, as I was watching TV at the time. So I then new it was time to move the Oscars to another tank. Dovii's are definitely king of the tank. Great pets to have. I often thought about getting another pair, but they're banned here in most parts of Australia.

Contributed by Terry

Dovii are not illegal in Australia. I am in Brisbane Queensland and have 9 of the buggers. In fact they are legal in all states (I'm a solicitor). They are great pets to keep, so long as you are aware of their extremely aggressive predatory nature and very large size. I foolishly put 2 females of about 15 cm in with two 20 cm Umberiferums which were slaughered the next morning! They are very territorial and should not be given to a beginner. I must say they are amazingly active. When small they are a little shy, in fact my firemouths were much more active...until the dovii's got big enough to decide to come out of their shells and eat everything! I have actually seen videos of these fish breaking the lids on glass tanks, and most are very intelligent also. Their scientific name has changed several times from Cichlasoma, Nandopsis and Parachromis but they are available at most cichlid specialists under the common names of Dovii, Wolf cichlid or Dow's cichlid. Overall a very large, predatory, aggressive fish with the dentation to back it up. Watch your fingers!

Contributed by Daniel

All I can say about this fish is it's CRAZY. There are some at my work (I work at fish farm) ranging from 4 cm to 12 cm. There is only one 12 cm dovii and it's in a 120 cm tank with 10 red devils at 15 cm, and the red devils go nowhere near the dovii. The large shoal of 4 cm dovii gets sometimes 10 cm goldfish in the tank. Thirty seconds later there is no more goldfish.

Contributed by Keith Chay

I was once the proud owner of a Haiti cichlid, until I discovered how much I loved the Dovii. When I got one, all HELL broke loose. I brought the Dovii because the Haiti looked kinda lonely after killing my Jaguar. Somehow, the dovii shot up to her size (heh heh, I think it was the fact that I was feeding it beefheart and growth enhancement pellets). They were about the same size when they began to challenge each other for territory, they got into one liplock, and from there it got worse and worse. Eventually, the Dovii killed the Haiti, and claimed the tank as its own.

Contributed by Jon

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