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Parachromis dovii
Wolf Cichlid

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Parachromis dovii couple with fry
Photo Credit: Taylor Pasi

I was sold 2 Dovii two years ago. I was told that they were a mated pair. They lived in an 320 L tank with some other very aggressive fish. Soon one layed eggs in the tank, chasing all the other fish to the other side and killing the other Dovii. I moved the mother and eggs to another 320 L tank and began to search for a male. I lucked out and found a pet store that had a mature male. They had no clue to the fish being a Dovii and I spotted it immediatley, purchased him for $10.00 and introduced him to the female. Is wasn't long (2 weeks) that the female layed another batch of eggs. Soon after I had about 150 small black dots clustered on the bottom of the tank. Dad looked after the tank while Mom tended to the fry. My house sold the same week and I had to move the fish. Mom and Dad were placed in 20 L buckets for the move while the fry were left in the tank in about 10 cm of water. I really didn't think they would survive the move. Once the tank was back up and Mom and Dad put back in, Mom began to move all the gravel and within 8 hours had recovered a large amount of the fry in a clump in the middle of the tank. I raised all the fry and sold some, however Dad died and Mom began to attack the remaining fish. I was able to save 6 babies with a seventh trapped in the tank with Mom. Long story short, Mom kept the most beautiful male for herself and after 14 months let him come out of his hideaway and is beginning to shows signs of a breeding Dovii once again. Dovii are the most intelligent Cihlid I have ever had and extremely beautiful when flirting with thier mates. No one that I have talked to could believe the Mom kept a male hostage until he was mature enough to breed. I am amazed at the instincts of these fish!

Contributed by Tim Stewart

This species is aggressive not only towards other species of fish and it's own species, but also towards humans. Mine was about 40 cm and it smashed 2 lids trying to bite my hand. Cleaning his aquarium became impossible, as my hand was attacked every time, sometimes so bad I had to put a bandaid on the bites and cuts because they where bleeding so much. I ended up getting rid of him because of how aggressive he was!

Contributed by Eddie

I currently own a male Dovii who's about 20 cm in length. He is a beautiful fish, with a crazy disposition! He attacks the glass when you walk by his tank and he'll do circles for you when you put your finger up to the glass! He does many things to respond to whatever you're doing. He's a true personality fish. I've been collecting cichlids for about 10 years and I've found that the only other cichlid who can even come close to the Dovii both with personality characteristics and pure aggression is the Red Devil.

Contributed by Stephen Martin

I bought a dovii online and in a matter of a few months it has filled out significantly, it has easily grown at least 3 cm. He has gone from shy to friendly in the past month, very rarely spending time in his caves. He is currently occupying a 200 L tank with a 25 cm pleco. Right now I am feeding him Hikari pellets. He will eat as many as 27 of the pellets each feeding and he will eat 3 times a day easily. He is very curious, as he greets me every time I come to feed him, and when I put my face close to the tank he will come face to face with me and examine every angle of my face. This fish is very fun to watch develop.

Contributed by Rick Ford

I have a single small dovii. While that term might be a contradiction it is still under 8 months old, so s/he is just a baby. I had purchased a mixed lot of cichlid fry off of ebay. Long story short, the lot arrived. It had over 300 babies that were mostly firemouths, convicts, etc. However, mixed in with them were two baby oscars, one flower horn, and one that I only recently found out was a dovii. I'm learning more and more about it by the day. I can't wait to see how it grows! They currently live in a 200 L but will soon move to a 570 L tank which will be naturaly decorated. I will remove my dovii and give it its own tank when the time comes.

Contributed by Amy Ridgeway

I recently adopted a Dovii over this past weekend. My local fish store had received 3 of them ranging from 15 to 28 cm. The story behind them is: They lived in a 760 liter tank with 3 Oscars some silver tip sharks, and a large pleco. When they were first purchased they were smaller then the oscars, and got along well with them, since they were too big for the oscars to eat. Four months later, 2 oscars died, and the pleco badly beaten up. The owner was extremely upset that his 3 year old oscars, were cornered and it took less than a day (owner went to work in the morning, came home in afternoon) for the 2 male oscars to be killed. The female was still alive (barely). Since adopting this fish, I have fell head over heels for this breed. I also have 2 Oscars, a Florida Gar, and a pair of Frontosa. The Dovii stays away from the Oscars side of the tank, but he REALLY hates my Fronts, and will chase them completely away from his caves. This species is absolutely the KING of cichlids, and can be calm with larger fish. But when paired together with 2 or more, the tank can become a deathmatch for any fish willing to go near the Dovii.

Contributed by Daniel Montoya

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