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Misgurnus anguillicaudatus
Weather Loach, Dojo Loach

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Photo Credit: Drew Scott

I have found them as excellent cleaners, but their best attribute is they are a strong, hearty fish that I use to keep my outdoor pond clean. They take to the different temperatures very well. I live in Canada and our winters require me to shut the pond and bring my fish in, but again the loach handles that well. They are a funny fish to view and most people that see mine think they are ugly, but I love mine.

Contributed by Derrick Smith

I have to say that dojo loaches are my favorite fish. I have a 340 L and two 140 L tanks. I have spotted, striped and gold dojo loaches. I really love to watch these little guys and feeding time is my favorite time. They eat just about anything that you give them and if there is even one scrap of food around, my dojo's find it and promptly take care of it. Whenever I hand feed them, they are the first ones there and they readily get into my hand and love to be held and they quietly sit in your hand and look out at the rest of the fish. They love to be touched and they are very playful with all of our other fish, which includes silver dollars, clown loaches, blood parrots, upside down catfish, plecos, and cory's. There is one thing that I would like to mention. A friend of mine put three dojo's that were about 12 cm long in with some small baby angels and left to go out of town and didn't leave enough food in the tank. She left only one 14 day feeding tablet. They ate the tablet up and when she got back, there was only one baby angel left out of 8. They are very gentle tankmates, however, they are voracious eaters and if you don't feed them, they will eat whatever they can overpower. These baby angels were only about the size of a nickel. Nevertheless, these are very entertaining fish to watch and very good cleaners and I would not trade my dojo's for anything. My very favorite thing to see them do is lean on their pectoral fins and I call that "posing". If you get one, you will love it, but try two instead so that they adjust better.

Contributed by Joyce Johnson

Our Weather Loach was 1.5 cm long when bought and grew to approximately 18 cm in a 1 metre aquarium. We decided to call him/her Lenoard (don't ask why!). As I write this comment he is the grand old age of 11 years!

Contributed by Chris Couldwell

I have had my Dojo loach for nearly 1 year now, his previous owner had given him up after 4 years as he had outgrown his smaller tank and was ready for an upgrade to my 200 litre. My dojo is named Lurch, the loach, and he is by far, and all ways will be, my favourite. As of now, Lurch is some 21-22 cm long, and growing steadily. I have seen dojo's in excess of 50 cm, and as thick as a man's wrist, and look forward to Lurch growing larger. I made the mistake of introducing my dojo into a tank with ornamental caves/logs, and that resulted in large unsightly scar across his nose from bundering headfirst into it. Dojo's need room to have periods of frenetic speeding up and down a smooth gravel bottom! So lurch now has cleared 'runways' in the front, back and both sides of the tank for his morning runs.

Contributed by Tasha Z.

Dojo Loaches are really cool. I have never had problems with mine escaping. I like Dojo Loaches so much because I never see him move but every time I look at my tank he is some where different. Like he might be on one side of my tank one second and halfway under the gravel on the opposite side of the tank the next. He is really active when I drop in algae wafers. If bigger and stronger fish try to get the algae wafers he will lay on top of the algae wafer and wait for the other fish to give up. He is a pig!

Contributed by Kris

I have had a dojo loach for about 3 years now and he is certainly enjoyed by our whole family. With his figure 8’s and playful antics he keeps our cory cat and fire eel entertained. I have seen him frequently go to the top of the tank and gulp air. This makes bubbles come out of his gills and mouth. But I was surprised to see bubbles come out of his - well, let’s just say it looks like he’s “passing gas.” Also, last week I was watching my fire eel hunt a ghost shrimp and after a few unsuccessful stabs the wounded shrimp landed right in front of Dojo. He attacked that shrimp with blinding speed, and shook it just like a puppy with a dog toy. He was very content for the next few hours with his full belly. What a great fish to have!

Contributed by Charles Moore

I find weather loaches to be one of the best fish. I've had one for about 3 months and has grown at least 2 cm. He is constantly at the top. The reason they are called weather loaches is because they go mad when the weather is going to change soon. They tend to jump a lot, he has woken me hundreds of times from the bang of him hitting the hood (my tank is next to my bed so I can watch them). Mine in particular is extremely active, pretending he's one of the goldfish, eating, shoaling with the goldies. Mine is in a coldwater setup, soon to be sub-tropical! He's mad as he is, but he's absolutely crazy when the weather does change. My favourite fish by a long run. The perfect community fish, mine's in with goldfish, zebra and leopard danios and a hara hara (moth catfish).

Contributed by David

I got a dojo 1 year ago and he is a great pet. He has grown to be over 15 cm. I named him spot. He loves to rest on this type of aquatic plant called a Indian fern that I got for him. He loves to watch me watch him from his little plant seat. My dojo hates the fact that he can't fit through his little cave like he could when he was small. If you are looking for a good funny fish, you should get a dojo.

Contributed by Taylor johnson

My 7 year old weather loach died investigating the uptake tube in my aquarium. The screen fell off, he explored places he wasn't supposed to be and then couldn't get out. I really miss him and the tank is just not the same without him. I know he missed his mate (Amy, had tumor) but hoped to have him around for longer.

Contributed by Christine Miller

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