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Misgurnus anguillicaudatus
Weather Loach, Dojo Loach

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Misgurnus_anguillicaudatus_4.jpg (27kb)
Adult weather loach and juvenile golden loach
Photo Credit: Heather Kolocotrones

I have had my Dojo Loach for nearly six months now. I originally got him because I had a bad snail problem and the petstore dealer told me that they would help clear this up. Well, he definately keeps the population down for I often find snail shells all over the gravel that have been sucked out. One benefit I have found is that this fish buries itself under the gravel to find food (the snails I have are Malaysian burrowing snails) and to hide from the other fish. I've also heard that this fish will swim around frantically if a storm is coming but have yet to have this proven to me but who knows. I'll just have to wait until storm season. He has turned out to be a very interesting and friendly little fish. He often comes up to the top of the tank and sucks on my finger when I dip my finger in the water. All in all I am very pleased with the Dojo or weather loach and would highly recommend anyone who is considering to get one.

Contributed by Amber

We have had a Chinese Weather Loach for about 2 years now, he's up to 23 cm. I had one when I was younger as well. I love these creatures and recommend them to any one who wants a peaceful interactive fish. The Dojo is a very friendly fish as it often eats out of its owners hands and rubs on your hand if you are performing general tank maintenance, like replanting plants that the Dojo might uproot. Our loach has redesigned our plant layout a few times. We recently got a 110 Liter tank and found two small Dojos, about 4.5 inches, who have taken up residence there. Sadly though we have lost a baby one not too long ago. It died of a swim bladder disorder. I have never seen a fish more determined to live even in its last days. Just thought I would drop a line. By the way our Dojo loves to eat "duck weed". It loves to eat about anything but he really loves duck weed as a treat.

Contributed by Ron

I have had a Dojo or Weather Loach for the past five years. Her name is Wizz Off and she is a very fast swimmer and likes to swim up and down the front of the tank. She is very friendly and loves to nibble on my fingers for food (it can get annoying when you're trying to plant plants). She has jumped out of the tank SIX times! The last time she was on the carpet for six or seven hours before I found her. She stayed on the bottom of the tank for two days and lost most of her tail and dorsal fins (they dried out). She recovered eventually, but underwent a complete colour change, from light brown with large black spots to dark brown with tiny grey speckles! Wizz Off is interested in everything. Whenever I put something new in the tank she explores it thoroughly, even turning upside down to reach hard-to-get-at places. I would love to get another one, but unfortunately it is illegal to sell them in Australia.

Contributed by Wendy Barrett

I have several Weather Loaches and have found them quite amusing, although I do prefer the Clown Loach. I also live in Australia (like Wendy B.) but have no trouble in purchasing them at the LFS.

Contributed by (no name given)

The Weather Loach has been banned for sale in Victoria and Tasmania (Australia) only. This little fellow has thrived in the colder climate of the southern states, infesting most of our water ways - lowering water quality much like carp. You can still purchase the Dojo anywhere else in Australia.

Contributed by Marty

I have kept Weather Loaches in my aquariums all my life. They are important bottom cleaners, great community fish, and are very entertaining to watch. Twelve years ago I bought a small pair for my 200 L tank and enjoyed watching them grow and clean the bottom for me. After five years they had grown to over 15 cm long and it was time to find them a bigger home. Not wanting to give them away and with no larger tank at the time, I decided to give them a try in my 1100 L pond outdoors. I live in Washington state (USA) and our winter can be quite harsh, but I figured they would be okay outdoors for the summer time and I would find them a permanent home before winter came. Well, they just loved their new home outdoors and kept the bottom spotless all summer long. By the end of summer they had grown another 3 cm, were eating out of my hands, and very fat and happy. So I decided that I would let them try the winter out there in my pond along with the Koi. I kept a close eye on them to make sure they were doing okay and they have done fine. That was seven years ago. Now they are twelve years old, live outdoors, and are over 20 cm long. I poke holes in the ice when the top freezes over in the winter and keep a small fountain going to circulate the water. I never would have thought they could survive the cold water, but they love the pond and do real well. They share the bottom with a pair of Crayfish and they all get along fine, of course the loaches are bigger. And it is true what they say about the Weather Loaches predicting the weather changes, whenever we are about to get a storm the loaches are swimming rapidly all around the pond and higher in the water column. I always know when a storm is coming just by watching them. In the summertime they laze around in the warmth of the sunbeams that reach the bottom of the pond. They are great little pets and I highly recommend them if you have a large area for them or are willing to pass them on when they get too large for your tank.

Contributed by Lee Ann Hightower

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