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Photo Credit: Gijs Van Waversfeld

I have been keeping tropical fish for a number of years now, and have only fairly recently upgraded to discus. I must say, they are unlike any other tropical I've ever had, with their brilliant colours and distinctive personalities I would highly recommend them to any avid fish keeper. I have 3 discus in my 400 L tank, a Blue Snakeskin/Diamond, a Red Turquoise and a Pearl Marlboro. I have about 11 Neon Tetras and 2 Albino Cory Cats, but when I recently introduced Harlequin Rasboras into my tank, I was surprised to find that the smaller discus began attacking them. After a few weeks I found that all of my Harlequins were severly suffering from stress and I had to remove them, although the discus still pay not attention to the Neons or the Corys.

Contributed by Matthew Livesey

Discus is not for beginner, except if a very experienced aquarist is guiding you through the whole thing, and if one is ready to hear and learn what the experienced one is going to say. I've been an aquarist for only about three years, but I have a friend who has been keeping and breeding discus for almost twenty years and relied on him to successfully start a few months ago and to know everything is all right. You only need someone from whom you can learn. That is my opinion.

Contributed by Aleksandar Bucalo

I have ben keeping discus for years. They are hard to keep at first, but after some experience they are easy to look after. At the moment I have 4 Discus in a 120 cm tank with a pair of flag cichlids, pair of kribensis, pair of black angels, 5 neons, 4 penguin tetras, 2 cory cats, 2 bristlenose, 1 female fighter, 1 flying fox and 2 danios. They are all getting on fine and all eating perfectly.

Contributed by Martin Mannings

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