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Moenkhausia pittieri
Diamond Tetra

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Photo Credit: Yang-Yi Chen

Diamond Tetras are great little fish that spend most of their time at the top of the tank. If you have the right water conditions and your lighting is not too strong, they really shine. I kept four of them in my 45 litre Nano-Amazon Biotope with some neons, Bronze Corydoras and two blue rams, and their was no problems apart from the occaisional fin-nipping from the rams.

Contributed by Keir Arney

I have just started this hobby by myself and when I first cycled my tank I bought the Diamond Tetra. I was looking through the pet store for Tetras because they are known for being a great fish to start out with. When I first saw them it was exactly what I wanted, four 3 cm Tetras. When I first got them and put them in the tank it looked like they were dying because they were sitting at the bottom twiching. I soon found out that they like to stay still and twich as they breath. But now that I've had them for at least four months I notice they swim around a lot. The best thing about them is that when you feed them they explode into a feeding frenzy. They dart to the top and take the food and then go back down. They do this until they're done eating. And they do it so fast that when I was putting food in one of them splashed water onto my pants. I'm 15 and just beginning, and if I can handle this fish then anybody can. And it looks cool.

Contributed by Dan Thompson

With proper lighting and a healthy and constant diet, diamond tetras shine beautifully. They can be really timid and jumpy if kept alone. Yet, they are also territorial without other diamonds to keep them occupied. Rather expensive as well. However, if you have the money it is more than worth it to buy a small school of them. I have found them to be the hardiest fish I have kept yet, having never lost one diamond to this day. Similar to Buenos Aires tetras in how much they eat, never tiring and often intimidating other species to wait for the crumbs they miss. Beautiful and entertaining fish.

Contributed by Zach Haberler

I was given 7 young Diamonds. A couple of months after I received them, I had 14 fry. I was told this is somewhat uncommon. But they sure are a pretty fish to watch. Did not think so at first, but when they reach adulthood, they're very sparkly and pretty.

Contributed by Mark Sagan

I had two diamond tetras in my tank and one day the female disappeared. The next thing I know I had four new diamond tetras. It appears that the female made a nice nest down in the plants and had babies. Just thought I would let you know seeing how it's been said they haven't been known to spawn.

Contributed by Peter

I bought my first three diamond tetras a couple of years ago. Now I have 14 tetras, all born from the original purchased three, minus one that passed on. They do spawn in a well maintained tank. It is fun to see a new fry survive, for I am sure their siblings eat most of them. Currently I have three fry, one measuring about .5 cm and two .75 cm. They are gentle schooling fish until feeding time. They get along well with my ghost shrimp, that also seem to be multiplying on their own. Between the tetras and shrimp, they are all I need with a heavily planted 225 L aquarium.

Contributed by Karen Wasson

I have five of these in a 280 L community tank. They are very beautiful, with accents of green, yellow, pink, and purple on their scales. I call them little pigs because they hog all the food, snapping it up faster than they can swallow. And then after the food is gone, they coast over the bottom searching for more! They are a bit pushy in nature, but nothing too serious. I recommend them in tanks that do not have slow moving, non-aggressive feeders, because the diamonds can keep these fish from getting food sometimes. Overall they are great, pretty fish!

Contributed by Rachael

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