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Moenkhausia pittieri
Diamond Tetra

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Photo Credit: Ophie

Name: Moenkhausia pittieri
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Venezuela
6 cm 60 L 7.0 28C


I have kept Diamond tetras for many years now and have found them to be the "Dark Horse" in the Aquarium. By this I mean that most people overlook this very beautiful fish in stores due its lack of intense colouration. It is most unfortunate that stores do not show this fish to its best advantage by throwing it in with other more colourful fish or tanks that are so brightly lit, that their shine is washed out. These fish, I feel, don't show their true worth until in your own aquarium. They need soft lighting and thick planting so they can develop their subtle colouration, (Soft lavender) and magnificant finnage (males). The females don't develop such long fins, but still look great with their "diamond" sparkles that shimmer with emerald green. Try to have more than one male in the tank as they "flare" to each other. I have never seen these fish quarrel with any other including their own, making them a peaceful addition to any tank. Truly this is a fish that everyone who has a planted tank should try. One thing to bear in mind is that these fish, being somewhat herbivorous, like to nibble on the occasional plant. They won't rip your tank apart, they just need the occasional extra green in their diet. They are suitable for tanks from 60 cm up. The larger the tank, the bigger the group for the best effect. A small group of six is adequate. I have not known them to spawn, but if they did, I'm sure the fry would be eagerly picked up by other tank mates. I hope some of you out there, when next at your local aquarium, take a stronger look at at this very beautiful, yet underated fish.

Contributed by Noel Burdette

I originally wanted bleeding heart tetras, but there were none in the stores at the time so I picked up some diamond tetras instead. Boy, am I ever glad! The sparkle in their scales is gorgeous and they've easily become my favourite tetra. They are a schooling fish, but need their time apart to wander between the plants, usually when the light is off. And they are one of the first fish at the top of my tank whenever I feed, especially when I give them frozen bloodworms. I would say they are a little aggressive, because they will dart to the top to get food and sometimes chase my hatchetfish a little, although they get along well with neons and dwarf gouramis. As well, they are learning that ghost shrimp (their new tankmates) are friends, not food, so they still try to peck at them. The shrimp seem to be able to handle themselves though. One of my diamond tetras has a yellow tint to the fins and tail, but the rest are colourless.

Contributed by Aileen Lau

I have Diamond Tetras with my other Tetras (Serpae, Black Phantom, Silver Tip, Emperor, Glass Blood Fins, etc) as well as Striata and Kuhli Loachs and a Bristlenose Catfish. They are a wonderful, peaceful fish. They will work well in any tank that you need movement and colour, but beware, they will feed greedily on flake food, frozen brine shrimp, blood worms.

Contributed by Sonia Boulter

I have 6 of these fish in one of my 48 L tanks. They are fast moving and get along very well with my zebra danios, tiger barbs, and golden nugget pleco. They were some of the first fish I got and some of them are over 8 years old. I love each one of them. They are so pretty the way their scales reflect light, and in a densely planted aquarium (mine had Java Fern and Java moss and anubia and Ambulia) they are gorgeous! They stay in a pretty tight school and aren't very aggressive, but they will nip at my tiger barbs' fins, which really irritates them. Keep them in a school of about seven and they'll spawn in fine leaf plants like Ambulia. They eat their eggs though.

Contributed by Allen

Diamond Tetras are beautiful fish with tons of energy, that can't stop moving and swimming around. When I bought my tetras at the pet store they where grey and blue, but a few months later I saw that they've become purple, blue and green. I have 6 tetras with cherry barbs, danios, altispinosas, severums, lohachatas and a flying fox. I have a lot of plants to make them feel secure. They live quite harmoniously until it is time to feed them. These fish are feisty and they eat like pigs, but after that they like to swim a little and then they go directly in the plants and settle down. Ah, and sometimes they can get quite aggressive with my altispinosas and with my flying fox.

Contributed by Marco Bavard

I'm fairly new to owning Diamond Tetras, but they are a beautiful fish to look at. Their full body makes them an ideal fish to add to a community tank where there are lots of smaller bodied fish like Cardinal Tetras, White Clouds, etc, and you want some variety of shape. Get a small group of these while you are at it, since they are social schooling fish. They are very unaggressive and like to shelter under leafy plants from direct light.

Contributed by Daryl Talbot

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