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Cichlasoma octofasciatum var.
Blue Dempsey

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Blue_Dempsey_2.jpg (30kb)
Photo Credit: Tom Lay

Name: Cichlasoma octofasciatum
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Domestic breed
15 cm 150 L 7.0 24C


This is a beautiful variant from the original Jack Dempsey, which is usually dark brown with many metallic blue spots. Blue Dempsey juveniles are basically white with black and brown stains, the wonderful turquoise-blue gets stronger as they grow. Sexing them also gets easier then...the male develops long, pointed dorsal and anal fins, and also a thin, dark red stripe on top of the entire dorsal fin. I have learned that true Blue Dempseys do not produce viable young though. You need to cross them back with the normal Dempseys to get fertile "hybrids". Then cross these hybrids among themselves to get 25% Blue Dempseys, or cross a hybrid and a Blue to get 50% Blue Dempseys again. This variant grows a little smaller, and also has a milder temperament than most Jacks. A new, rare and wonderful fish to have in a cichlid tank!

Contributed by Marcos Avila

I have been raising Jack Dempsey's for years and I thought I would tell you all that the Blue Jack Dempsey, both male and female, have that red stripe on their dorsal fins. And of course the male has the long dorsal and anal fins...just thought you might like to know because I have 2 breeding pairs like I described here.

Contributed by James Montgomery

I have been raising these beautiful fish for five years now and they are excellent. Aside from them being aggressive, they are wonderful pets. Currently I have 3 in a 380 L tank with 2 oscars, 3 salvini's, and 5 convicts. They all do excellent all together.

Contributed by Jill Anderson

I happen to work at a pet shop, and Blue Jack Dempseys are not seen that much. We only seem to get small ones in, once or twice a year. They're not as aggressive as their regular counterpart, but rather a bit shy, and tend to hide a lot. We usually have to give them a tank by themselves, along with some Talking Catfish companions. And because they're not seen that much, they usually cost $24.99 per fish as babies. But other than that they're beautiful fish and add more of a color spice to the aquarium. Only really true blue fish. People like myself and some others on this site could appreciate the expensive but dazzling Blue Dempsey.

Contributed by Adonis Robles

This is not a hybrid fish, but just a mutation of the Jack Dempsey. This has been recently comfirmed, or else Jeff Rapps wouldn't be selling them.

Contributed by a visitor

I don't what exactly these are. But I have been keeping original Jack Dempsey's for 10 plus years, and in my recent experience I have noticed that the temperament of the Blue Dempsey is noticeably more docile than it's "green" counter part. I even know a guy who keeps them with his discus and has so for 3 years. Of course this may be luck and he simply got a docile specimen, but it seems the lack of aggression persists. I like keeping them with various Characin species such as Buenos Aires tetras, Columbian tetras, black neon's and leoporinus. They never chase or even think twice about it. I think they are an amazing mutation and for the cichlid fanatic they make a great tank mate for semi-aggressive communities.

Contributed by a visitor

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