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Pseudotropheus demasoni
Demason's Cichlid

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Tim (SharkyX10)

I have had one of these Demason's Cichlids for about 6 months now. It is my favorite fish in my tank. Its name is Mike after the character in Monster's Inc, cause of how peaceful he is around the tank. Mike and my Oscar Kronch both always greet me whenever I come into the room. In my tank I also have a Red Zebra Cichlid, an Oscar, and a small freshwater crab. The Red Zebra Cichlid chases him around the tank, but he can never get a nip at him. The color that this fish gives off is exceptional.

Contributed by Darby Elliot

I have some of these beautiful cichlids. They're very aggressive, the dominant male never allows the other Demasonis close to his territory, which often means the whole tank. Difficult to say which is male or female since both are the same, maybe the male is a bit bigger. Their stomach is much more sensitive than other mbunas' so the protein rich foods have to be avoided, except the cyclops and daphnia. Keep them in a big number, at least 6 but rather 10, and they will spawn.

Contributed by Csamangó Ferenc

This fish is said to be very aggressive and territorial, but they seem to get along well with my greshakei aka Red top ice blue. They like to hide and are very fast and very hard to catch. They spawned in my tank without me knowing, until I found some fry that are already growing. Give them a little room and hiding places, and they will thrive and have lots of babies for you.

Contributed by Michelle

This fish is a very interesting fish to watch. Right when I put it in my tank it started chasing my Chipokae everywhere! I was really scared because my Chipokae is the most aggressive fish in the tank, and this fish is already trying ot be the king. The Chipokae finally decided that the Demasoni was no challenge and started chasing him. The Demasoni is only aggressive to my little green terror, my three socofolis, and my sprengerae.

Contributed by Jose Humaran

I've had this fish for about 8 months. He moves non stop. The male and female have the same markings. For a small cichlid (8 cm) it is very aggressive. They like rocks and caves. These fish are very bright blue with black stripes. A great conversation piece.

Contributed by Fran Drake

I've had two P. demasoni - one male and one female - for about 2 months. They are in a 100 L tank along with other african cichlids. The other day I noticed my female's mouth was buldged out and something was moving in there. When I had bought the two fish, there were two babies in the bag with them, which I still have, but I didn't know if they were hers or not. I put her alone in a 40 L tank and within 15 minutes she had spit out 4 babies. I left her in the tank overnight and this morning I woke up to find there were around 15 fry swimming around the decorations I had put in there (it's hard to count them all). One of the fish stores around here told me to take the female out of the tank and put her back into the big tank with the others. Now the male P. demasoni is chasing her again in the way he was before, maybe I'll have some more babies here within a month or two!

Contributed by Shelby Sue

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