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Danio rerio
Zebra Danio

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Photo Credit: Lynz

Zebra danios were the first egglayers I successfully bred. I thought it hadn't worked, but I neglected cleaning of the breeding tank. A few weeks later, there were tiny zebras swimming around and eating!

Contributed by Meryl Green

I had 7 zebras at one time, and they were a very fun fish. They swim around very quickly, and my father enjoys watching them, because they remind him of striped bass. I found that they got along very well with my other fish, including guppies, neon tetras, and cats. I find it fascinating, when they tend to school. They do this quite often, and it's a unique addition to any tank.

Contributed by Bryan

I have a 75 liter tank full of Zebra Danios. I was wondering why they weren't breeding. One day I turned on the aquarium light and guess what I saw...little babies! The others saw them too and had lunch! I think they've been breeding, but the little ones never had a chance to grow!

Contributed by (no name given)

I have 9 of these little guys in my 200 L planted tank, and IŽll be honest, I never really even thought of getting any but I was picking up a baby Red-Tail Black Shark from the fish store, and they were so cheap that I bought 8 (well 9 because the guy had an extra in there...sshhh) just to have some more movement in the tank. Well let me say that these guys are a blast! They love to swim up into the flow of my powerhead and take a lightning fast ride to the other end of the tank. They are a great addition to my tank and the Red-Tailed Black Shark and my 6 Tiger Barbs would tell you the same. They all love to play with each other.

Contributed by R. Jones

When I first saw Zebra Danios it was on a picture, and I thought they were ugly, but then I went to a shop to have a look at the fish, and when they were swimming around I thought they were gorgeous! They are an excellent addition to any community warm-water set up and their beauty will dazzle you. Oh, and did I mention, they have long finned ones too which are even more gorgeous!

Contributed by Giuseppe D'Amone

I have these tiny angels and I'm very happy about it. They are very beautiful to look at. They always stay at the top of the aquarium and I feel like my aquarium is full of fish because of them. My red serpae tetras tend to stay at the bottom of the aquarium and my orange tiger barbs like to stay at the bottom and the middle part of the aquarium. So, now I have fish at all parts of my aquarium. As told by Alexandre, my zebra danios will suddenly start to shoal when I approach the aquarium, but they go away from each other when I leave the place. I also have 2 algae eaters and a hypostomus.

Contributed by Vimalesvaren

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