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Danio rerio
Zebra Danio

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Danio_rerio_6.jpg (28kb)
Photo Credit: Asaad Ismail

Name: Danio rerio
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: East India
5 cm 40 L 7.0 27C


Zebra Danios make excellent community fish and are among the best fish for beginners. They're small, peaceful, hardy, incredibly active and fun to watch. Photographing them is quite a task though, they absolutely refuse to stand still! They like to play in strong water currents and occupy the upper part of the water just below the surface, a region not so frequently inhabited by most other fish.

Contributed by Marcos Avila

I like to call these fish on crack. What a bunch of spazes! But they do add a lot of movement and flash to any tank at a cheap price.

Contributed by T. Adams

I acquired 6 long-finned Danios to cycle a new 30-gallon tank: 3 Zebras and 3 Leopards. They have all made the cycle period with flying colors. I've never seen healthier or happier fish. Their colors have intensified since their introduction to the tank to a vibrant gold with dark pinkish hues near the belly. The tank is well planted and contains lots of nooks and crannies, rocks and driftwood. They play tag constantly. The fish are all about the same size but one of the Zebras and one of the Leopards seem to have become the dominant fish of the group. They may be slightly larger and their fins are more perfectly formed. However, none of the six ever seem to do each other any harm and what abounds is playful antagonism. One interesting observation: on rare occasion they will school together and swim as a tight knit group for several seconds before breaking into more games of chase. I was not aware of this tendency from such a hyperactive species.

Contributed by David Bell

I smiled when I read David Bell's story. Mine do the exact same things. I wound up with my three little ones by pure accident. I was getting a few neon tetras and they (being very active as well as nosey) wound up in the bag with the tetras. It was not until I got home to float my new fish that I saw them. I was apprehensive about putting the tiny fish (Danio's) in with my small (ranging from 1 to 2 inches) cichlids. I even left the light on hoping they would make it though the night. I assume I had enough rock and plants and that is what kept them alive (uneaten). My husband said they would not make it and three weeks later he was asking me "What are the new fish in your tank called?". I looked over at my tank then back at him smiling. "You remember the doomed tiny fish?" I said. "No way! Those were tiny these are three times as big." He said. I was still smiling " Yep they lived and now they are huge." I said. I now have 10 total and I am still smiling.

Contributed by Joanne H.

We have Zebra Danios outside in a large fishpond with swordtails. So far we have only one problem. Stopping the fish from breeding out of control! They have not stopped breeding from the moment we put them into the pond and have just kept going and going. One small point: the danios are located in the top pond full of plants and gravel. Yet their babies are only turning up in the bottom pond! The danios spawn in the gravel and the fry gets washed down into the bottom pond where they manage to survive with a school of koi!

Contributed by (no name given)

I have Zebra Danios and I love them. They were my second fish (I have three). They keep my tank active and it is fun to watch them play around the reeds.

Contributed by Michael

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