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Laetacara curviceps
Dwarf Flag Cichlid

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Laetacara_curviceps_3.jpg (29kb)
Photo Credit: Darryn van der Walt

Name: Laetacara curviceps
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Amazon Basin
8 cm 75 L 6.8 25C


I have two of these wonderful Cichlids, they are peaceful except when I feed, then they can get a little nippy. They are in a community tank with 4 Clown Loaches and 2 Bala Sharks and 1 Albino Ruby Shark.

Contributed by Adam Hope

Gotta be my favourite South American dwarf. I first bought them whilst on holiday in the north of Scotland and brought them to my home 4 hours away. They spawned the next day and I eventually won a trophy for the best breeder at an open show. These are very very prolific fish and they are superb parents. Never once had a problem with them eating the eggs or fry. Give 'em a bash - they're worth it!

Contributed by Andrew Huggan

These are wonderful fish and get along mostly with all fish of the same size as them. My 2 males often fight over my one female. But other then that, these fish are excellent first fish for anyone.

Contributed by Jill Anderson

If you like jewels but think they are too aggressive for your tank, then you'll like this fish. They will breed easily and aren't very aggressive. I recommend this fish for beginners or anyone.

Contributed by a visitor

I bought one because it was mislabled as a golden dwarf cichlid (Nannacara anomala) and I thought it would make a good mate for my existing one. They consequently fought and this one killed the other. Be careful when buying cichlids, they can be cranky and unpredictable.

Contributed by Nnathaniel Smith

I just found out that their Chinese common name in Singapore is the 'Goat's Head Fish'. Funny, I don't think they look anything like a goat's head. I had a couple of them some years back and they breed easily. No babies, though. Could be a water problem. Anyway, they died after 2 years and I recently bought a few when I managed to find them again. They are constantly in good colour, but all of them died within months. I have no idea of what is wrong. My tetras are spawning in the tank and so I do not suspect a water problem. Anyway, I have no idea what is the colour of the fish. They appear pale and yellow in shop tanks and become very dark with bright blue and yellow in my tanks. But they seem happy and confident. When they breed, they are even darker. I assume that they look pale and yellow because they are scared and stressed in the shop tanks and when happy, they look almost black.

Contributed by Thomas Low

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