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Synodontis multipunctatus
Cuckoo Squeaker (Catfish)

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Photo Credit:
Copyright 1998, D. J. Riebesell

Name: Synodontis multipunctatus
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Tanganyika (Africa)
17 cm 200 L 8.0 28C


The alevins of this fish are deposited with the fry of another Tanganyika Cichlid (bucal incubator). The alevins of this catfish grow up in the mouth of the cichlid and eat the other cichlid-alevins who grow up in the same mouth. Sorry but my english is not so good.

Contributed by Fabrice

A cool fish to keep. Very friendly, but also very shy. They also go well with Malawi Cichlids, but watch them...they have a sweet tooth for smaller fish like neon tetras.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have three Multipunctatus in my tank. They love swimming around together and in my 1.2 m tank. They are my favourite syno. These are one of the less aggressive of my syno's, they are also one of the rarer. The reason they are called the cuckoo catfish is because when another fish lays her eggs, this catfish will come along, eat her eggs and lay her own. The parent fish of the other eggs will usually look after these babies (even if they do look different). The usual fish this happens to are the mouthbrooders.

Contributed by Michelle Fenniche

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