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Crenicichla sp. 'Xingu I'
Orange Pike Cichlid

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Pikes are very cool; true predators. Not the meanest but very tough, and very very conspecific. I've had many pikes that get along with tinfoil barbs, arowanas, dourado, wolf fish, and even very mean cichlids (depends which species of Crenicichla you have of course).

Contributed by Yong Sum

These are incredible fish that you should only acquire if you have the proper housing as they get very large. As they are not very aggressive it is not recommended that you keep them with territorial cichlids, unless you have the space. When they are young they are kind of shy, they get more active as they grow older. Mine is about 18 cm long and has a great time defending his territory (a black ABS pipe). The only way to describe these guys eating is raw power. They hit hard and will hold fish in their mouth until the digestive process of the previous unlucky fish has been completed. Mine loves guppies, but isn't much of a fan of goldfish. There are plenty of cichlids small enough for him to eat, but he just shoos them away. I have heard the opposite though, anything that fits in their mouth is in mortal danger, so I don't recommend you doing that. They are also sensitive to bad water so water changes often are essential. Be careful with ornaments like wood and rocks, as they will crash into these in the pursuit of their prey. Mine gashed himself on a piece of slate. Luckily he recovered and I removed the slate. A great fish to own, very interesting. Kind of hard to find, so if you can snatch one up, do it.

Contributed by J Gon

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