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Crenicichla sp. 'Xingu I'
Orange Pike Cichlid

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I've currently got a green terror, a firemouth, a red devil, a convict, three orange pikes, and a huge oscar. They are all full sized. The pike will eat anything that they can fit into their mouths. They are supposedly tied as the most aggressive fish with the green terror, but are still much more powerful! I have them in an 800 L tank right now and am looking to upgrade the tank size by A LOT!

Contributed by Matt Eckler

I have 3 baby orange pikes and the seem to get along for now in my 340 L. One thing that I noticed, they will terrorize any new tank mate that is not larger than they are. They are very attractive, each is a different shade of orange with anywhere from a grayish-silver to a dark black lines on the side. Mine love krill and rosy red feeders, but will not touch blood worms. I have read that while females stay orange their whole life, the males turn a green color.

Contributed by Gary McClure

I have one of these guys growing out in my 200 liter tank with some other cichlids. Out of all of my fish, these seem to be the most peaceful (besides the angel). My pike swims with the oscar, angel, and even the green terror. The only thing is I used to have a jack dempsey and the JD really beat up the pike, but the pike has made a full recovery. Overall, a very hardy, non-aggressive pike that doesn't know when to stop eating.

Contributed by Mike

I have a pair of Xingu pikes. I am not sure though if they are the Xingu 1 though. They look nothing like what I found on this website, though they are quite beautiful. I am looking for any info on breeding them. I bought them as a bonded pair (and not cheap either) and since then they have shown the urge to breed almost daily, though they have never done so successfully. The female is ripe with a bright red belly and is continuously cleaning out a cave in the 200 L that I have. I recommend anyone who has the time to care for these monsters to try it, because I must say that out of the seven running tanks I have, the pike tank is my favorite! You better believe, if there was a fire or something, I would be grabbing a bucket and saving those two! They are my babies...

Contributed by Linsay Little

I live in Spokane, Washington - USA and have a 450 liter tank with a school of 5 orange pike cichlids. I've raised them from when they were about 5 cm long. I've been hoping to possibly breed them, however not knowing very much about them. I wasn't even sure until I came to this site how to tell male from female. They are now 13 to 18 cm, and the female is the largest and most dominant. They are the most interactive fish I have, and are always paying attention when someone comes in the room. I actually feed them earthworms, which they love.

Contributed by Chris Geren

I have one thing to say about this breed of pike: by the time they reach 30 cm they will kill whatever you put next to them. I have a full grown dovii and jaguar and even them just manage to protect themselves. This pike got a huge mouth and pretty much will eat anything that fits in there. I had originally 5 of them, but they seemed to get sick easily in my tank and once they do, no matter how I treated them, eventually the sickness caught up with the medicine while all the rest of the fishes got cured. Now I ended up with one only. Once it is big enough it doesn't get stressed as much and before anybody else get stressed and sick it will eat or kill them. Unlike other pikes that I have had in the past, it is not shy at all and will often follow me when I pass by the tank. As it grows it gets more colors and with the rate it is going it will reach 50 cm in the next month or two. I usually feed it with earth worms or pig liver and it seems to like it, makes it grow a lot faster then feeders. Time to move the other fishes out...

Contributed by Peyman

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