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Crenicichla sp. 'Xingu I'
Orange Pike Cichlid

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

Name:Crenicichla sp. 'Xingu I'
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Amazon (Xingu River)
30 cm 300 L 7.0 25°C


Pike Cichlids are some of the most intense and interesting fish one can own! They tend to get along very well even with the most aggressive Cichlids. The only warning I have is that they can get very aggressive towards their own kind. They are omnivorous and will eat anything that will fit into their mouth. They are extremely interesting to watch and easy to care for. I feed mine bottom feeder sinking pellets and live feeder guppies. All you need are three pieces of decent sized slate to make an adequate home for this fish. Mine actually likes to frolic with my Pictus Cats and Plecos. They will follow one another around without chasing or getting aggressive. Pike Cichlids will get very defensive around their caves. Often times chasing away anyone who gets too close for their liking. I would recommend this fish to any Cichlid lover. They will provide you with hours of enjoyment.

Contributed by Tom Zuzelo

I have Pikes and they are a really fun fish to have. They do eat quite a lot though, mine can suck down 4-7 Goldfish in one feeding. They seem to like Oscars, I donīt know why, they look nothing alike but all my Pikes seem to only hang out with Oscars, sometimes more than they do with each other.

Contributed by (no name given)

I have 2 Xingu I's lurking in my 530 L tank. They are quite a blast to watch as they play around each other and always keep together. The female is very territorial though, regarding her cave. I like to think of them as having the same behavior as dinosaurs, if they bump into each other or another fish they will start a fight. They are VERY agressive towards smaller fish and other crenicichla's. I have had bitter experiences with them killing my smaller Geophagus Proximus. So it is very important to have even sized fish in the tank. Though they don't care about Corydoras or Loaches. If a fish shows a little bit of weakness it will be hunted. When they get angry they get these beautiful dark vertical 1 cm stripes on the sides and one long horizontal dark line from head to tail, they look really mean when they hunt and could easily use more space than my tank, but they seem quite pleased for now.

Contributed by Cydone

I had a Pike Cichlid that I traded in, which I really enjoyed since it had a nice coloration and always seemed to be exploring the tank. However, once the fish got about 20 cm long it began seeing my medium size cichlids (Firemouth, Green Terror, and Red Devil (all about 10-12 cm long)) as food, and the Pike would attack the other cichlids by biting their tail fins and holding on until the other fish's tail fins were ripped. The Pike Cichlid and my large Black Belt Cichlid (23 cm) seemed to get along, so I would recommend this fish as long as all the other fish in your tank are about the same size or larger than the Pike.

Contributed by Danny Weidig

I have 8 Crenicichla sp. Xingu 1 in my 325 liter planted tank and they are doing fine. I think that as long as they are fed every day they will not try to destroy each other. I feed them bloodworms, mysis, (frozen) mussels and (frozen) lancet fish. They are now all about 20 cm and approaching adulthood with no signs of aggression. At the end of this year I will move to a new apartment and they will have a new 850 liter home. I hope they will appreciate their new world and have babies.

Contributed by a visitor

My Pike Cichlid does very well with my Oscar. They get along like best friends with no signs of any distress. I do only have 1 pike and 1 oscar in a 340 L, with nice slate and a few plants though, so room helps.

Contributed by Lee Lemmon

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