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Pseudotropheus crabro
Hornet (Bumblebee) Cichlid

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Photos & Comments

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Photo Credit: Michel Lalonde

When I first put this fish in my tank with other african cichlids, she was very aggressive towards them and wouldn't back down to anybody. She also loves to dig and create caves for herself to hide in. The only fish she has backed down to is my Rusty cichlid, but they still show signs of aggression toward each other now and then. She has grown up to be a very beautiful fish and is one of my favorites!

Contributed by Derek Curry

Nice fish, get a little larger than 10 cm. Mine is probably about 12 cm right now and I just bought it about two weeks ago. It gets along great with other cichlids. I have the bumble bee in a 400 L tank with 3 convicts, a green terror, 3 other african cichlids, 2 firemouths, 1 jack dempsey, 1 black belt cichlid, a tinfoil barb, 2 texas cichlids, and 1 green severum. I have no problems with aggression out of the bumble bee or any of the other fish. I have found that cichlids (American or African) do very well in a community with other cichlids.

Contributed by William Hopson

I have had mine for only a few months now and he is my favorite fish. When I got him he was the smallest fish in the tank, now only 3 months later he is the largest fish in the tank (besides my black shark). A good fish to have, doesn't fight with my other fish.

Contributed by Bryan

This is an aggressive cichlid within my cichlid community. They grow fast, and reach a max 18-20 cm. They make mean fighting machines for these reasons. A striking fish. I had to give mine away as he started attacking and wounding the acei, labidochromis, and rusty cichlids in the tank.

Contributed by Jessi R

From my experience, pound for pound this is one of the toughest cichlids out there. I bought this fish when it was about 1 cm long. It was housed in an 80 L tank with 4 frontosa cichlids, a red zebra, a kennyi, and a yellow labido. All of which were babies. Now he is about 10 cm in a 200 L tank with all the same fish and a few new ones. These fish are colorful, but what I have noticed is, the color of this fish relies strongly on the darkness of the tank. Brownish or tan colored gravel or sand with a lot of drift wood and brownish rocks will bring out the best color. White gravel and decorations are the worst. Make sure to supply this fish with many caves for hiding and for the sake of other tankmates, as without territories they will become very aggresive.

Contributed by a visitor

More on my bumblebee commented above: he is now the dominant one of all my other fish (except my oscar). These fish are very aggresive and will be the first to attack a newly introduced fish. They are also territorial and picky about their cave so provide many. I also recommend a deep subsrate as they will dig out a hole in their cave to make it bigger (this is especially needed if you are breeding them, because they are secretive cave breeders). My bumblebee never gets to the point of killing newly introduced fish (unless they're intented to be eaten), but usually picks on them until they find their spot in the pecking order. Overall these are beautiful medium sized cichlids that will make a great addition to any aggresive cichlid tank.

Contributed by a visitor

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