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Amatitlania nigrofasciata
Convict Cichlid

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Archocentrus_nigrofasciatus_7.jpg (13kb)
Photo Credit: Chantal Kornin

My breeding pair of convicts will tend their fry for 1-2 months if I leave the fry in there with them. The male is a very large (12-14 cm) pink convict, and the female is the striped black and white variety (10 cm). The babies always grow faster if the parents tend them. I usually give them away at about 2 months, or feed them to our oscar (in another tank). I have to be careful and not add new fish when they are spawning or raising their young, or they will kill it. They commandeer at least a third of my tank. They are in a tank with other cichlids: a bumble bee cichlid, two 20 cm plecostomus, 2 powder blue gouramis, 1 kissing gourami, an algae eater, 2 fire mouth cichlids, 4 kuhli loaches, and 3 misc cichlids (10-15 cm). They are fun to watch as they stand off the other fish, not losing any of their young!

Contributed by (no name given)

I just purchased a convict about a month ago. He is very tiny compared to the rest of my fish (2 Oscars, 1 Fire Mouth, and 1 Jack Dempsey). It took a while for the Oscars to accept him, but finally after they figured out they couldn't catch him they left him alone. The firemouth is jealous, and chases him all over. But the convict, we call him little bit, stands his ground and has turned out to be tougher than he looks. He is so tough that one day my Jack Dempsey was eating a feeder fish and the convict, as little as he is, took the fish right out of the Jack's mouth. The Jack Dempsey at first was angry and went after him, but the convict turned around and stood his ground. So far, my experience with the convict has been good and I sit and watch all of them goof around with each other. The convict is an awesome fish and really adds a lot of spunk to the tank by keeping all the other fish on their toes.

Contributed by Eric

Ive just bought two convicts they are about (3-5cm). They have not yet bred, but I plan to sell the fry back to the shop, or feed them to my barramundi who is in a different tank. I have had convicts in the past, I was trying to breed them but it turned out they were two uncoloured females.Convicts are my favourite cichlid they are interesting and always breed.

Contributed by Jake Hogg

I had a pair of Convicts for about two years and they were aggressive toward the other fish. They grew pretty fast. The female was pregnant and the pair was looking for places to spawn at, but unfortunately, I gave them away to my local fish store because they trying eat the other fish. :( I hope I can get some more soon.

Contributed by Richard

Convicts, like mentioned, are nuts! A friend of mine gave me a small fish last year that was left over from his Red Eared Slider tank (turtles). I figured, this little guy survived weeks in there, he must be pretty tough. Well this "feeder" fish turned out to be a Black Convict! Never owning one before, or knowing much about them, I was pretty happy with him...UNTIL, he grew a bit. He tormented every African Cichlid and Oscar in my tank! For no apparent reason I should mention. I eventually gave him to the local pet store in exchange for a Pleco. So, if you're in the market for a fish with psychopathic, schitzofrenic, and homicidal tendencies; get yourself a Convict today! A thought..."Convict" does suit their personality, doesn't it?

Contributed by Ryan Manis

I just got three Black Convicts today. The female has already started to lay eggs on the first day! If you want a colorful fish that protects its young, even against a 15 cm Oscar then you should get a pair of these wonderful fish.

Contributed by Vinny

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