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Chromobotia macracanthus
Clown Loach

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Photo Credit: Munish Jauhar

The most superb fish that I have seen in my entire life. The best thing about this fish is the colour combination on it's body, it is no doubt a jewel among all of the aquarium fishes. It looks so good especially when it adopts it's full color floating like a flash from one end to another end of aquarium. It is a very hardy fish and it does not need any sort of special aquarium conditions. Presently I have 6 loaches in my 150 cm long tank, all are of good size average 13 cm. I offer blood worms and earth worms to my laoches. I also have prepared caves in my tank so that loaches can hide in these caves. No doubt lovely fish!

Contributed by Ahmed

I have four beautiful clowns that are 5 years old. They are my favorite fish. They hide in my network of caves but if you are lucky you will see them come out and play. They are about 10-13 cm long and can hide in the smallest places. They often lay on their sides and act dead. I used to be alarmed about this but I have learned that they are very much abnormal fish. They are extremely nocturnal and need a lot of dark Nighttime. I would recommend 3-5 of these fish if you expect them to be happy. I would also say that you need at least a 200 liter aquarium. I find a timer set for the lights very useful. If you stay out late or don't come home for a night - at least your clowns can play in the dark. Expect a show if you get some healthy clowns in your tank and sit back and enjoy.

Contributed by Kirk

As everyone points out, clown loaches are prone to Ich and have no scales. They also look nice, sleep on their side and "click" when they eat. Clown loaches love to interact with species that look similar to them. With that in mind I now have a tank for my two clown loaches and my small school (six) of tiger barbs. My loaches happily swim in the school and clearly enjoy it and have seen them participate (or try to) in the fin nipping activities of the barbs. The only time they don't stay with the school is when they do scavenge the bottom of the tank. Luckily I have no illnesses with any of my fish.

Contributed by (no name given)

If snails are taking over your tank, get a Clown Loach. They kill and eat them, and in no time at all, you won't have any snails. They are a bright, peaceful species. But there is always the individual who loves creating and looking for trouble. Normally, you don't keep them together, they will start trouble. But if you have a fish that starts trouble with them, they will most likely win. They have an erectable spine below their eye, and they can and will use that to maximum effect as a weapon, doing irrepairible damage.

Contributed by Cali

I absolutely love these fish! If they are particularly hungry they all come to the front of the tank to wait for me to feed them. One typically joins the gouramis in feeding from the surface. My three are very active during the day and generally sleep (hide in their favorite cave) when lights are out. One thing that I find very intriguing is that I always find them sleeping upside down in on the ceiling of the cave (the cave height is only bit higher than they are). They stay there until they become aware that I am watching them. Great fish!

Contributed by Caribe Tarawa

I have 2 clown loaches in my 110 L. They're 2 of my favorites. They crack us up when they take their naps. My family and I love to watch them dig into the gravel to find food. They have SO MUCH personality! Truly wonderful! I have 2 large hunks of driftwood in their tank, and they are sort of "dark" colored now because they are constantly snacking on the wood. Their colors are so RICH now. Really pretty.

Contributed by Shawna McGregor-King

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