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Chromobotia macracanthus
Clown Loach

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Photo Credit: Marcos Avila

I have four clown loaches, They are great fish. They lay on top of each other. Sometimes all four are staked on top of each other sleeping against a rock. They always get right up and come to the front of my tank when I get close. They eat frozen food, worms, snails, even flake foods. They live a very long time. The aquarium I go to has some that are 15 to 20 years old and about 25 cm long. Their color changes with their mood. They are truly one of my favorite fishes.

Contributed by Fish Lady

I have a 340 liter, heavily planted tank with 15 Clown Loaches in it. They are always a joy to watch. Just like kids they are into every nook and cranny. I have had no problems with them eating the plants, but they do eat almost anything else I put in there. The most fun is at feeding time, watching them go after the food flakes, almost taking it out of each otherīs mouths. I plan to up the number in my "school" to about 20. They really like the large group and the hidey places I provide for them. Clearly my favorite fish and the most fun fish to watch.

Contributed by Dave C.

I bought 2 Clown Loaches for my girlfriend's aquarium to get rid of the snail infestation. They did their job overnight..incredible fish. Have you ever seen a bossy Betta Splendens? Well, you should see 2 Botias annoying a bossy Betta, the poor guy became paranoid. And their curiosity...that's something...after seeing the Bettas mating, one of them started chasing the male Betta and the other one tried to wrap himself around the female. :) Never seen them rest on their sides, but the clicking sound can be quite annoying, especially during the night. :) Oh, and the ich...a couple of days after putting them in the tank, they got the white spots all over their bodies. I turned up the temperature to 30°C and left it like that for a couple of weeks, and it seems to have done the job with no stress to the Loaches. My girlfriend called one of them "Tydzio", which is short for tiger in Polish. They seem to be her favorites (the other fish in the tank are Guppies, Bettas, Mollies and Platys) save for the night clicking serenades. :P

Contributed by Czarek Maciocha

I had a Clown Loach for a couple of weeks. I made the mistake of buying just one and I think it got a little bored. They like to imitate other fish in the tank and my Clown Loachīs best swimming buddy was a Tiger Barb. They would swim from one end of the tank to the other along the glass, ducking and weaving with each other. I must warn everyone though, no matter how well you think your lids are covering the tank, if you have an external hanging filter, they may find the gap in the glass and jump out if bored. Thatīs what mine did and unbelieveably it made it through a little maze of the glass lids on the tank plus the hood. I still am not quite sure how it managed it but it did.

Contributed by Robert Cordingley

I have been owned by 2 Clowns now for a little over a year. They are true clowns. They love to sleep in a small log, usually on top of each other or on their sides. And mine will do the dual dipping action as mentioned by Kyle. Yesterday I noticed one practicing a backwards somersault. I love to watch them swim, and then stop suddenly and just hover, like a hummingbird, and then off again to play or dig in the gravel. They get along with all of my fish, but especially love to swim the the big Red Rainbow (attracted to his similar color?). Their favorite food is sinking carnivore pellets, sinking tablets, brine shrimp, blood worms, and flakes. I have large Ramshorn Snails and they have never bothered them. If your tank is large enough, this is a must-have fish!

Contributed by Diane

I have 4 Clown Loaches in a 180 L aquarium with some South American Cichlids. The Clown Loaches are very smart and active. My Clown Loaches enjoy blood worms and sinking pellets for food. I have noticed on numerous accounts that when my Clown Loaches are engaged in a territorial or martial dispute their colors go from bright orange and dark black striped to light orange and almost gray striped. As they are fighting I continually hear a "clicking" noise coming from within the tank. I read that several of the loach species make this sound but the Clown Loach has the loudest cliking capability of them all.

Contributed by Erik

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