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Chromobotia macracanthus
Clown Loach

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Photo Credit: Andy Isoft

I started a new tank, and 2 weeks ago put in three 5 cm clown loaches as my first fish. I bought them because of their reputation for good temperament, brilliant colors, and penchant for keeping the bottom and surfaces clean in the tank. Alas, after a week, they came down with "Ich". I started treating immediately, when 2 of them had only a few spots, and one had maybe 15-20. I was using Jungle Labs Ich Guard, following their directions explicitly about treating the tank, and doing a 25% water change and re-treating the tank every 24 hours. I also raised the temp to 28C, and removed all charcoal from my filter. After 3 days, I saw no improvement at all. The tank chemistry was perfect - no ammonia, no nitrate, pH of 7.2. There was no variation in any of these things either. Then I tried something called Super Ich Cure. Within 2 days, there was a noticable improvement. I really thought I had it licked, but sadly, on the 3rd day, one loach died. I don't know if it was the Ich, the stress, or the medication that killed him. The other 2 continue to show steady improvement. All the spots are gone now, and they are more active and eating better. I would recommend them, because they are beautiful fish. But if I had it to do over again, I would have put them on a half-dose of Ich medication right when they entered the tank as a preventative, because I hear that they are prone to this disease. I plan to buy 2 more to make them more of a school again.

Contributed by Max Magliaro

I keep clown loaches and agree with many others that these fish are very well suited for aquarium life in a larger tank and very entertaining for all. In addition they are very peaceful and go well in pairs in community tanks. If they are not in pairs they tend to be very lonely and not very active.

Contributed by Cody

I have 5 of these loaches and they are the star of my tank. There are plenty of hiding places for them but I never see them using the hiding places. They are the wildest fish in my tank and they are really crazy about bloodworms. Mine are about 8 cm.

Contributed by Lynn Flynn

I bought 2 clowns recently & yeah...they are really cool. I do wish they would come out from hiding more often though. I was afraid they would nip my angels fins or devour my shrimps but life in this tank is pretty harmonius.

Contributed by Sixtus Goh

I bought 2 Clown Loaches about 3 months ago. At first, they hid around the tank, and I could barely ever find them. However, about a week later, they were getting active. Now, they chase a large black blackmoore (inherited from a previous tank) all around the tank, never giving him a chance to rest. Yesterday, I caught one of them eating at the surface, and the other was biting at the filter uptake. They also make the cutest series of sharp clicks, when I feed them algae tablets. Once, they were chasing each other around the tank, and for 2 minutes, they were clicking - it drove me nuts! Anyway, they are the best fish, and mine haven't required a huge amount of specialised care - and they're growing.

Contributed by Victoria Stott

I have 2 Clown Loaches about 5 cm long. They are in a 1 meter tank along with 9 Tiger Barbs, 1 Red Tail Black Shark, 2 White Spotted Talking Catfish. The Catfish are about 13 cm long and also 2 small Cory Cats. Believe it or not, they all get on very well. I have kept these fish for about 1 year now I am lucky to say that I have had no problems so far.

Contributed by Malky Macintile

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