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Melanochromis chipokae
Chipokee Cichlid

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Ellwood

My very first fish I ever got was a male Chipokae. He instantly killed the peacock I got along with it. It did great with the lace catfish and still gets along great with it. I learned the hard way that the Chipokae is by far the most aggressive cichlid I have experienced. He even attacked the female got for him because she was not in the mood. I decided to put him in a separate tank so I could actually keep other fish in my tank. After I removed the male, the female quickly took dominance in the tank. From my observations, when a female Chipokae takes dominance, due to lack of a male, it may turn a dark brown color with very little yellow left. When placing the male back in, she loses dominance and therefore loses the darker pigment in her body. I hope this helps. Good luck with your tanks all.

Contributed by Clint Grabow

I recently started a 130 liter cichlid tank. So far I have three very agressive fish. I have a Bumblebee and two Chipokae. The dominant male in the tank (all three are males) is easily the largest chipokae. He changed colors from purple with black stripes to purple with white stripes. I call him the silverback. I bought him two females, but he killed them both. Watch what fish you put in the tank with these fish, they are extremely aggressive.

Contributed by a visitor

This is by far one of my favorite cichlids. I always keep it in a community environment with some of the roughest, toughest cichlids out there. The best way to accomplish this is to start them all out around the same size. The Chip will usually rule in the beginning, as the CA's outgrow it, they develop a respect for the chip's ability (aggressiveness). I have never been able to breed them for lack of finding healthy females. This is IMHO the roughest of them all, pound for pound.

Contributed by Wayne Scott

I own 2 of these fish and they are currently living in my 140 liter fish tank. They live with an assortment of african cichlids and are very happy. They are the most active in the tank. They are usually the first to come to the surface to feed. They are also very friendly. Just like everyone else has said, they do change of them is still a bright yellow but the other has turned to a brownish color.

Contributed by Valerie

I have an 8 cm Chipokae and it is the most aggressive cichlid I have. The day after I put it in the tank it already was the king of the tank. It would terrorize my Jack Dempsey until I took the Jack back. It really isn't a killer, but it is very dominant and will not tolerate rebellion of other fish. He loves to act as a mediator by breaking up fights. He is an interesting fish to watch.

Contributed by Jose Humaran

I recently bought a male Chipokae (around 8 cm in length). He is kept in my 200 litre comunity aquarium along with 1 Male Cobalt Blue Zebra, 1 Male yellow lab, 2 Acei's (breeding pair), 1 Auratus male, 1 Lombardoi male, 2 African Jewels and 2 spotted talking catfish. He is definitely the dominant fish, but shows no major aggression to my other fish. If they do not challenge him he leaves them in peace. The best part about this fish is his hunting abilities. I have a batch of jewel fry around 12 mm in size and he is lighting quick when I drop one in, and he does not give up until he catches it. This is the most lively fish I have ever kept and adds colour and movement to the tank. Because he is always moving around and never hides, my other fish seem more relaxed and don't scare as easily.

Contributed by Lloyd Garner

I got one of these when she was 5 cm. Four months later she was 15 cm long! She became the queen of the tank. She gained domiance of a cave I have in the tank. She defends the cave from all the other mbuna I have in my tank!

Contributed by Jojo

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