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Puntius titteya
Cherry Barb

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I have been keeping Cherry Barbs for a year and a half with various other species. I have NOT had any problems with my 5 (3 males, 2 females). They get along fine with their tankmates, VERY hardy and easy to breed. When they breed, they put on a show and you can watch for hours. If you don't tend to the eggs quickly, the parents and other tank inhabitants will eat them quickly.

Contributed by TJ

Cherry barbs were my first fishes to breed. After getting them at the fish shop, I immediately put them in my 40 L tank with my cardinal tetras. After doing some research on the internet, I tried to breed my cherry barbs by separating them for a few days before putting 1 male and 2 females into a tank full of cabomba in the evening. I woke up early the next morning and saw the male displaying his colours to the female and chasing her around the tank. Soon, the eggs were laid in about 5 eggs at a time. A few days later I saw the baby fishes swimming about and fed them liquid fry food. Everything was going well until a few days later, I started to notice that the baby fishes got lesser and lesser. I thought that they were just among the thick clump of cabomba. A week later, I could not see any fish at all, I shook the cabomba gently to see if all the fishes were there. There was not a single fish, but a dragonfly nymph was on the tank bottom. It had eaten all of my baby cherry barbs. I felt really sad and tried to breed them again, but failed.

Contributed by Ong Chee Yeow

I love these cherry barbs! I have two of them right now, but, I am getting more. I specially love the red color of the male cherry barb and the personality of the female. I would recommend these to any body. These fish aren't like their cousin tiger barbs because they are peaceful. Tiger barbs nip at fish's fins. Cherry barbs are nice, shy and cool fish. I like the way they like to school with my cories. It's really fun to watch! If you ever have a time, try getting a couple of them for your tank. They will fit in most tanks that are 40 L or higher.

Contributed by Christian Coleman

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