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Chalceus macrolepidotus
Pink-Tailed Chalceus

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Photo Credit: Mike

I picked up 2 of these guys recently. I noticed some things about them already: they are VERY skittish and are peaceful. They do have little needle teeth that are visible, so be careful what tankmates you choose. Mine are housed with American cichlids, so there are no problems.

Contributed by Mike

I have a 2 year old who is definitely my favorite fish in a mildly-aggressive tank (green severum and blood parrot). He is mammoth and definitely a feeder hog. He is about 18 cm long and hangs at the top of the tank all day pacing back and forth. He is extremely skittish when startled. I moved his tank from one end of the room to the other and it took him about 3 weeks to settle back down. Have a tight lid on the tank as he jumps clear up to the lid and bangs himself/herself against it. I have gotten him accustomed to all types of food pellets are his favorite, next to feeder rosies. He loses scales easily - but grows them back rapidly. His colors (red and yellow fins) really get hearty when I feed him blood worms or color flakes.

Contributed by Mike

I have two of these and I love them. They live in a non-aggresive community (small and larger sized fish). They are food hogs and are only aggressive at feeding time. The smaller of the two stays bright while the larger one changes from bright to clear finned depending on its mood.

Contributed by susan hamilton

I have several pink tails in a 570 L tank. There is a black ghost knife, five rope fish, three Polypterus senegalus, and one Polypterus delhezi. Recently we noticed the Polypterus acting unusual in the Java moss. We waited about five days and did a water change and gravel vacuum into buckets instead of out the window. We found a fry about a 6 mm in size in the bottom of the bucket! We moved it to a 40 L tank and started feeding micro worms. I then added microworms to the 570 L tank. You know, just in case there were more fry. Sure enough, a bunch came to the surface. We were able to net out four more fry. The rest were eaten. My husband thought they were Polypterus fry but as they grew we new that they have to be the pink tails fry. They are now about six weeks old and growing like weeds.

Contributed by Mary Sodawasser

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