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Chalceus macrolepidotus
Pink-Tailed Chalceus

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Chalceus_macrolepidotus_3.jpg (16kb)
Photo Credit: Candido Afonso

Name: Chalceus macrolepidotus
Origin: Amazon

Size Tank pH Temp
25 cm 200 L 7.0 25C


I just love this fish. I have had my Pink Tail Chalceus for almost 2 years now. He is almost 30 cm now. They are very agile and great swimmers.

Contributed by Dong

I have 2 of this Pink Tail, and one day I brought 18 different species of tetras. When I wake up I like to watch my tank and I notice that one tetra was beaten half apart, I knew that it was him because he ate another one in my face with his nasty teeth, so be careful with the company you choose for them.

Contributed by Victor Vazquez

I have had one of these fish for 8 years now. It is very hardy. Mine is about 20 cm long. I have had it as part of a community tank with smaller fish, as well as an aggressive tank with africans, and it has been fine in both situations. This fish is a food fish in some south american countries.

Contributed by F. Pizzelanti

What a great fish! I have one in my 570 liter with six large Bala Sharks, one African Knife, a large Pleco and a big catfish. Very peaceful towards my other fish. I also have a breeding population of guppies in there that he uses to "supplement" his diet. From past experience they seem to be intolerant of their own kind and are definitely jumpers! Also, he is a good indicator of the need for a water change, he seems to become much more skittish when the nitrates rise. Very intelligent fish.

Contributed by Mike

These fish are quite interesting, and have a shape and behavioural pattern not unlike dog characins, especially with their lightning-fast snatch-and-grab hunting style and general twitchiness. I have successfully kept these fish with a number of different sized tankmates, including Black Widows and little Silver Dollars, and they seem to live quite amicably with them provided, naturally, they can't fit them comfortably in their mouth! Of course, there's always the possibility I reared the ten laziest and non-commital Chalceus in the world, but there you go.

Contributed by Emily

I have had this fish for about 6 months and he is very bright pink. This fish loves to eat brine shrimp and is shy. If I walk to the tank he goes and hides. But the fish is very pretty and seems to get along with everyone else.

Contributed by Karissa Broadway

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