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Carnegiella strigata
Marbled Hatchetfish

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Photo Credit: Bart Geboers

I have 8 Common Hatchets and they're great fish. They reside mainly near the top of the tank and occasionally mid water. I inherited one Silver Hatchet and one Marbled Hatchet from a friend who was having bad tank luck. These two are doing great and have joined the Common Hatchets "gang". They all love lots of vegetation and a good current from the filter and a power head I placed in a back corner.

Contributed by Steven Andrews

This is a great fish which does not usually have poblems with other fish. It will just stay out of the way of others and is easy to take care of. This is one of the funnest and most interesting fish to look at.

Contributed by Wade Bruce

My comment is short and to the point. These fish do well, however mine seem to have short life spands being only about 2 years. Most of my fish live at least 10 years. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I wish you good luck.

Contributed by Allen

Marbled Hatchetfish is unique to the tropical fish tank due to it's extraordinary body shape. Marbled Hatchetfish is 1/4 smaller than silver hatchetfish. These fish are not as popular compared to silver Hatchetfish, due to it's size and color. This fish is getting more popularity since the last 5 years among serious aquarists. I started with silver Hatchetfish like other aquarists, but fell in love with this small but beautiful creature. The amazing part which I observed is that Marbled Hatchetfish joins the silver Hatchetfish to make a shoal. If you are planning to buy this fish, please make sure that you buy at least two, I recommend at least 6 to make a small group. One major problem concerning this fish is that if you are using powerheads or any filters which create current in the aquarium, they should be turned off or should be used by timer so the fish can relax/sleep at night time. Younger fish hardly jump out of the tank, even if you are cleaning the fish tank. This fish is delicate and should only be combined with smaller fishes for example tetras/barbs/danios. Break the flake food in your hand, the flake size should not be bigger than 1/4 centimeter (half grain of rice), it can be smaller than that. The diseases are very hard to detect on this fish, due to it's size. I personally use flash light with tank light to give quick health check. If you spot a disease from a distance then it might be too late for that poor soul. Give frequent health checks. Always remember that if your tank water condition is poor then it can lead to a lot of diseases. If you have already bought a Marbled Hatchetfish then welcome to the advanced club of aquarists. This fish is easy to keep and can live a healthy life for many years, unless we make a mistake. Personally, for me this fish is a living marble in our sweet fresh water.

Contributed by Farhan Ali

Marbled Hatchetfish are said in many sources to be difficult to keep, but I've found that to be the opposite in my case. I've kept 2 in my 40 L with a very high pH and they are the only fish not to have had any diseases. They managed to stay perfectly healthy through heavy Ich and fungal infections that went through my tank, and survived the medication that the dealer said would surely be the end of them. They don't waste away when kept in small groups, my two follow each other around staying close together, almost like schooling fish. They have never lost their appetite, and my other fish never pick on them, seeming to think they aren't fish at all. One interesting thing I've noticed is that their fins turn black when the lights are out. They will accept all foods, and love fresh fruit flies with a vengeance. I love the amazing shape and colour of this fish, and recommend it to fish keepers of all levels, it is my all-time favorite fish.

Contributed by Nora

I have a small school of marbled hatchets that are in my mom's tank and she just loves them. They are wonderful fish to have, and it's probably best to have more than two...they like to be in groups. It's also a good idea to have a little bit of flake food handy, just in case you feed your fish pellets, because they stay up at the top and sometimes head towards the middle a little bit, so you don't want the pellet food to sink straight to the bottom before they have a chance to grab some. Hatchets are highly recommended and do very well in small-medium sized tanks.

Contributed by Whitney Rose

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