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Carnegiella strigata
Marbled Hatchetfish

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Photo Credit: Bart Geboers

Name: Carnegiella strigata
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Peru, Guiana
4 cm 60 L 6.5 25C


These fish are said to be the only really actively flying fish (they fly with the active help of their fins, all the other "flying fish" are only jumping out of the water and sailing). In the tank, they may be a little shy if you frighten them, they try to "escape" - and fly/jump out of the tank, so better always use a good cover! They love to be in the safety of a small swarm, always staying right under the surface.

Contributed by Georg Mittenecker

Marbled Hatchetfish seem to "confuse" tankmates when first introduced. Other fish must see their marbled body as flakes of food. The several times I have introduced Marbles to a new tank, they always have been harassed by the other fish for awhile. One time, I introduced 10 hatchetfish to a community tank, where two small angelfish killed all of them in a matter of hours.

Contributed by Jason K.

Suprisingly, many books label the Marbled Hatchetfish as difficult to keep and maintain. I have had no problems with them at all. In fact, I have even seen them through a bought of Ich. I maintain my tank at 78 F and pH 6.6. I find them a great addition to a community tank because them confine themselves to the topmost portion. A complete cover is quite necessary to prevent a fatal jump.

Contributed by Andrew

One of my friends had a hatchet fish and one day he forgot to put on the lid (he was in a bad mood and wasn't thinking properly). Well you can guess what happened. He now thinks twice about taking the lid of and leaving it for even 2 minutes alone!

Contributed by Adam Schrieber

I have no problems with my hatchet fish, and they get along with my other fish. My Red-tailed black shark picks on them sometimes though. They do jump/fly when scared so a tight cover is a must. Most people will enjoy these cute little surface dwellers, because I know I do!

Contributed by (no name given)

Hatchet fish have been among my best fish. They seem to live very long lives and get along quite well with others. Great choice for a top-dweller.

Contributed by Raymond Ieronimo

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