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Brachygobius sp.
Bumblebee Goby

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Photo Credit: Richard Brown

I have two bumble bees in a 120 cm freshwater tank adorned with wood, rocks and plants, and they are both very healthy. They eat mostly frozen blood worms or frozen brine shrimp, they will even eat flakes if they sink to the bottom. I have had no trouble with mine being territorial as i think they are a pair, they will swim around together most of the time and I have not noticed them being aggressive towards each other or any other fish in my community tank. I do not know much about their breeding but I do know it is supposed to be hard. I have noticed one of them with a big rounded belly every now and then (and it is NOT a full belly after eating). I did not think they would breed as the tank is not brackish water, but I do not know if they would produce eggs if they were not going to at least attempt to breed. Anyway, I thought I might share this to show that although the fish we are talking about are the same species, their habits and temperaments can be very different.

Contributed by Nicole Gwatking

I bought six Gobies recently, which were caught from a nearby River. After introducing the gobies into the aquarium it completely disappeared out of sight. Two weeks later, thinking they'd all perished, I saw all six come out from hiding among the other fishes and eating normal fish food. I assume it is normal but the live larvae shrimp I bought are still there and probably have not been eaten by the Gobies. They are indeed a wonderful sight and definitely add colour to any aquarium.

Contributed by Mizal

I have had two bumbles for about two years now and am surprised at how hardy they are. I have found them to be territorial, but not agressive. They have amazed me for not having been eaten by rather large fish such as my blue acara that is almost 20 cm long! My blue acara has been a suspect for other small fish in the aquarium, so I am guessing that it has something to do with the gobies' colouring as others may fear they are poisonous. I love these fish, they are amazing, with lots of character. They are never hiding in my tank, I had them as a beginner so I would, too, highly recommend them :)

Contributed by (no name given)

I love these guys. They are really cute and that is what one of there bad points are. Many people buy these fish without knowing truly what they are getting. Bumblebee Goby - and most gobies that exist in freshwater for that matter - are brackish water fish surviving in everything from pure salt to pure freshwater. They do their best in a brackish environment though. One tablespoon of rock sea salt per 20 liters of water. They also are very temperamental eaters, most will not eat processed foods such as pellets or flakes. They prefer to eat live and frozen foods. Suggested foods are brine shrimp and Daphnia. I currently have four in a 500 L aquarium with Tiger Barbs and Pictus Cats. They survive very well for being so small compared to the other fish.

Contributed by Don

I love these cute fish. I have 5 in my 100 L tank and have had no problems with them fighting with each other, in fact they seem to enjoy each other's company. I had purchased 2 a while back and didn't see much of them, they tended to hide in the back of the tank on opposite sides. I then purchased 3 more and now they are all over the tank, they like to hang out with the other fish and LOVE the African frogs. I've fed them flake food, blood worms, tubifex worms and shrimp, but they seem happiest with the flakesand occasional live tubifex worms. I must recommend making the gravel hilly, having several low and high spots especially in the font of the tank. Also, having lots of plants or decorations of different height for them to balance on is good. I have found this makes them more comfortable and so you'll see them more often. I keep the water brackish as well, as they seem to do better.

Contributed by Cindy Warne

I have kept Bumble Gobies for several years now and they are quite healthy. They eat mostly flakes. They are very placid and like to hop around the tank. They seem to be OK living in my tank with Goldfish, a Rainbow Shark and Guppies and Fancy Guppies. They donīt seem to be territorial or "evil", but rather calm.

Contributed by Ryan Beall

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