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Brachygobius sp.
Bumblebee Goby

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Brachygobius_bumblebee_3.jpg (18kb)
Photo Credit: Nathanael & Louise

Name: Brachygobius sp.
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Southeast Asia
3 cm 40 L 7.4 27C


The bumble bee goby is an attractive little fish and one of the few freshwater gobies available on the market. It's small size and pretty coloring makes it excellent for a smaller tank. However it is advisable not to buy more than one for a small tank for they seem to be territorial between their own kind and constantly will pick on the other one. However they are peaceful towards other species and happily cruise (or rather appear to hop) around the tank resting on rocks and other objects on their way. An interesting thing about this fish is that it does not have a swim bladder. This may contribute to the appearance of the fish hopping around. I recently lost my gobies and sorely miss them but there will always be a place in my heart for these cute little guys.

Contributed by Amber

My experience is that the bumble bee gobies are a nice addition to any aquarium. I do not recommend for beginners nor small tanks. In a 45G etc they tend to do the best because everyone i had in a small tank died. Nonetheless, they are wonderful for the more experienced hobbyist.

Contributed by Robert Hinkson

I really like my gobies. I have four in a 20 gallon biotope of Southeast Asia. They don't seem to be aggressive towards anything but possibly a little timid. I would strongly suggest this fish for the beginner because it is very hardy and doesn't need a large tank. The post above this one states that they aren't good for the beginner and I am not sure why he said that but different fish of the same species often differ in temperament and ability to stay alive in various conditions.

Contributed by Dino

One comment about what Amber said: I have never noticed any fighting, fin nipping, chasing, etc, done between any of the gobies I have kept. I usually keep up to 5 in my 10 gallon tank and they were quite happy and thriving until a freaky pH mishap partly my fault for forgetting the fluctuations of our towns water! Unfortunately I lost all the fish in my tank :-(. I have been keeping fish for the past 4 years now and I have always loved gobies and they have always done fine in my tanks.

Contributed by J. Moores

I have 2 bumblebee gobies, and highly recommend them! They refuse to eat anything except live foods. Mine prefer brine shrimp. I have not noticed that they are territorial with each other. Not at all. Mine do not fight. They don't "hang out" together in the tank, but they do not fight or pick on each other. They're very peaceful, and like to stick themselves to the walls of the tank, or the sides of the glass or wherever seems appealing at the moment. They're normally a brackish water fish, but I have mine in a freshwater tank, and they've been in the tank since July of 1999. They're doing WONDERFULLY. In fact, I'm really impressed by their hardiness. When I set up my 29 gallon tank, I was overzealous and put too many fish in too soon. A severe case of New Tank Syndrome killed every single fish I had - EXCEPT the gobies! They've been through it all in this tank! They should be moved to a more peaceful environment (they live with a red tailed shark and a Brichardi cichlid), but they get along fine with their tankmates! They do not get picked on by anyone in the tank at all, which is surprising.

Contributed by Shawna McGregor-King

I just got my gobies a couple weeks ago. They are sooo cute. They hop around the tank. They are not mean to each other nor any other fish. They are very hardy fish. I have 2 gobies in my smaller tank. They do well with my fancy guppy. I highly recommend these cute, and unique fish.

Contributed by Shay

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