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Hyphessobrycon anisitsi
Buenos Aires Tetra

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Photo Credit: Luciano Takahashi

I have 2 of these fish in my community tank, I have found them to be accepting of other fish. They do not seem to be nippy. They mostly follow each other around and sometimes do figure eights up and down the glass, which I assume is a courtship behavior. I have seen them eating my natural plants, but they also love stealing food chunks from my rainbows. Overall they are hardy, survived a bout of bad Ich, eat anything with gusto. They like earthworms and tubifex worms also. Very active, rarely stop moving. May upset timid fish.

Contributed by Don Rivette

I have 9 Buenos Aires Tetras in my South American Cichlid tank. I have found them to be very hardy and attractive fish. They have gotten along great with everything from an Oscar, Severum, and many other large Cichlids, without any problems. The only problem that I have experienced is their aggression to each other. So far I have lost 5 from missing eyes, jaws, and entire tail fins bitten off. Great fish, but they do have an attitude.

Contributed by Josh Smith

I cannot praise these fish highly enough. They do not bother other fish, except when competing for the last bits of food, and they almost play rugby with catfish will swim with the pellet in its mouth and the others will chase it until the fish drops the pellet, then another one will catch it and the process repeats itself.

Contributed by Kelley Blaney

I have five of these and have found them to be quite aggresive, having been responsible for the demise of several columbian tetras. They seem to be quite nippy and have even had a pop at several of my large angelfish.

Contributed by Dale Potter

I used to have three of these fish. Awesome feeders! Lots of thrashing about, and hard hits on the water surface during feeding time. However, if you love your plants keep these guys away. Their appetite for every plant in my tank was insatiable, which left me with them, bogwood, and gravel.

Contributed by Kay Asaki

I recently bought a 380 L aquarium/oak stand/canister filter, etc. for $50. It helps when the owner is a only a day from moving across the state and desperate to abandon the hobby. At any rate, of all the fish in my 75 liter tank to truly appreciate the upgrade to the new home, the Buenos were the most grateful. These four absolutely came to life in their new domain! These relatively plain-looking beginner fish have become the centerpiece of the new aquarium. It's hard to describe a happy fish, but these guys have truly been delighted by their jumbo tank. For the first few days they chased one another back and forth from one end of the tank to the other - almost like puppies. The moral of the story is that Buenos Aires seem to show their best stuff in the larger tanks.

Contributed by a visitor

I had for 2-3 cm long albino specimens of these fish in a community tank, expecting them to be as peaceful as the neons and glowlights they had been kept with at the store - not so, unfortunately. They were hyperactive in the tank, constantly in rapid movement and highly aggressive towards the other fish in the tank. In the end they were responsible for the deaths and consumption of 10 neon and glowlight tetras, 3 guppies, 2 swordtails and 2 small Chinese Algae Eaters before turning on and destroying each other. Only my large Silver Shark, Blue Gourami and a very crafty CAE survived the experience.

Contributed by C Earl

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