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Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma
Bleeding Heart Tetra

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Photo Credit: Raymond Tan

I have owned a school of bleeding heart tetras for a while now and find them to be a very interesting and curious schooling fish. Not a very tight schooler, they can sometimes be all over the tank. Introduce frozen blood worms though, and the true tetra nature shows through. They almost attack the cube and dart away very aggressively. It's like watching piranhas, only less carnage. If, on the off chance, you find very well bred bleeding hearts, you will see them really show lots of pinks, reds, and very bright whites making them one of the most attractive schooling fish around.

Contributed by a visitor

When I was just getting into the hobby, I tried to cycle a tank with these beautiful fish, which of course lead to some fatalities. Luckily Iíve overcome that initial disheartening experience and Iím much more knowledgeable now. Bleeding hearts are a wonderful, beautiful fish. Theyíre very peaceful and get along well in community aquariums. In my (post-cycling) experience, it has been best to keep them in a good-sized group - around six or so - like most other members of the tetra species. When these conditions are satisfied, they make for an excellent addition to any freshwater aquarium!

Contributed by Colin Anderson

I never do very well with bleeding heart tetras. They are always so nervous and shy and never get any food. My Buenos Aires Tetras always pick on them. Then when I bought a larger school they picked on my Buenos Aires Tetras. They also did not get along with my darter tetra. Now that some of the Bleeding Heart Tetras have died they are less aggressive to my Buenos Aires Tetras and the Buenos Aires Tetras arenít being aggressive towards the Bleeding Heart Tetras.

Contributed by Bryan Adgett

I have two Bleeding Heart Tetras, and they are really active and friendly. They are definitely "fin nippers", they pick on my Angels all the time. I have fluorescent lights and they just glow when the lights are on. They are really something else.

Contributed by Brad Whelan

I have had two bleeding heart tetras for a little over a year now. I've not had any problems with them whatsoever. They've grown to about 4 cm. They're color and shape is very beautiful, and they're very hardy and low-maintenance. They get along with everything in my tank. I highly recommend them!

Contributed by Lindsay Miller

Bleeding Heart Tetras are my favourite tetra by far. They are larger bodied than many tetras and therefore require larger aquariums. I have kept 9 in a 100 L tank with cories and otos for over half a year and they are all showing great colour. They don't really school much unless they feel threatened (I guess a siphon tube could seem scary to the little guys). Brine shrimp are a definite favourite of my hogs. :)

Contributed by Andrew McPherson

I've had my 2 bleeding heart tetras for over a year. They are lots of fun and are really active. When they get hungry they just sip straight to the food and swim quickly back. They are the hardiest tetras I have probably kept. They even survived my noobish cycle. Right now they are in my 140 L with a 3 angels and they all get along nicely.

Contributed by David

These tetras are simply beatiful! I have 5 in a 110 liter tank, 3 were a rescue from large chain store. When I got those 3 home their fins were all shredded and their colors were almost white. Within a month all their fins grew back and they developed more red. Like any large tetra they can be a bit nippy, but I find if you keep them with their own kind they will only bother each other. The thing I like the most about these fish are their territorial disputes. They will face each other diagonal in the water and flash this bright iridescent red color, almost like a ruby. No other tetra I've seen does this.

Contributed by Reggie

Bleeding heart tetras are fun to watch. All my fish have copied how the rainbow fishes eat, they all dart to the top and feed. Occasionally someone's food doesn't go all the way in their mouths, tetras are there to snatch it from their mouth! I have 5 with angelfish and never had problems with them. They love freeze dried brine shrimp and bloodworms are their favorite. Now I have 3 roseline sharks and they're starting feed like rainbows and play with the tetras!

Contributed by Yakub A

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