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Badis Badis is most definitely a live food only fish. Black worms, blood worms, etc, are greedly taken. I have raised close to 300 of them between two tanks, a large heavy planted discus tank and a 75 L set up with lots of java moss, with algae growing all over the moss. Since I was feeding live baby brine shrimp, it was very hard to keep up with the chemistry of the tank, but hey in nature fish breed in shallow warm waters that are covered in expansive algea growths. Spawning took place in both tanks and fry made it to adulthood in both tanks. I am sure a few got eaten by the discus! Males set up small breeding zones and defend them with showly color displays, making them a very interesting fish to breed in a large planted tank. Males can got through color ranges of green/brown checkerbroard pattern, to a pale white, to a breeding color of colbalt blue with a red trim around the edges of it dorsal, anal and pedal fins. Females, on the other hand, are a drab brown in color. Badis is a member of a very old fish group. The species are spread across South America, Central Africa and India, indicating being around since the time of the super-continent. I would tell anyone who has a planted discus tank to add Badis badis, he may see the little guy stealing the show!

Contributed by Glenn Stanley

My little scarlet badis rules my tank of tiger barbs and praecox rainbows. He has staked out one particular plant and a rock. Whenever anyone swims by his spot he pops out of the rock with all of his fins splayed and acts very aggressively (even though the other fish is 6 times his size). I have noticed that he doesn't eat much unless I put in blackworms.

Contributed by Jennifer Rourk

I have a colony of the cuties in a 115 L tank. They have bred with different color variations, one is completely black with bright blue fins, others are the standard color. These fish change color rather abruptly, and are known as "chameleon fish" to some. Mine will change and have deep red bars whenever I feed them frozen bloodworms (the only food they have accepted that is readily available). The black one doesn't change too much, obviously.

Contributed by Michael Shaw

We have 3 Badis badis in a 150 L community tank. We were concerned about them eating when we first got them, because they were so little, and they donít like flake or dried foods. We introduced them to blood worms, and it was the funniest thing to watch them swim around with a worm half as long as they are sticking out of their mouth. We actually spoon fed them in the beginning, and they would swim into the spoon to get the worms. Once adjusted to their tank mates, they became fearless and had no problems competing for food. Our largest male can switch from jet black, to red-orange and brown stripes, all the while with this gorgeous iridescent turquoise sheen in the blink of an eye. They do have very well defined territories, and will run off anyone that trespasses. They do squabble, but they havenít injured each other or anyone else. They really are so much fun to have, I highly recommend them!

Contributed by a visitor

I have some advice on what to feed these fantastic little fish. In fact I discovered that my badis eat dry chironomus worms and seem to like them pretty much too! I hope this info is going to be useful.

Contributed by Dario Mascolo

Based on my personal experience with my Badis I've pretty much learned what everyone one else is saying - they don't usually like flake food. What is different though, my badis doesn't like blood worms either, so I had no clue what to feed him. One of my friends said I should try worms - like from the back yard. I thought it was a crazy idea but he loves them! I just find a worm, wash it off and cut about a 1 cm off and cut that into bite size pieces for him.

Contributed by Emery Nolasco

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