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Pseudotropheus aurora
Aurora Cichlid

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Photos & Comments

Pseudotropheus_aurora_2.jpg (20kb)
Photo Credit: Warren Collings

Name: Pseudotropheus aurora
Size TankpHTemp
Origin: Lake Malawi (Africa)
11 cm 100 L 8.1 27C


This is a beautiful fish, it was a great addition to my tank. However, when I first introduced him, he was ambushed by all of the other fish. Two large light blue mbuna's (not sure what they are specifically), an elongate, a jewel, and a large convict. They ate his tail, as well as a good chunk of his dorsal fin. He's doing fine now, and since I've added them to a larger tank, his tail has almost grown back completely. I've since added a bumble bee, two juvenile convicts, juvenile pearlmut and a spotted rafael. They all come out to say hello when I enter the room, and the aurora definately isn't shy, not anymore anyway. He's usually the first to start the fight for food!

Contributed by Patrick Delaney

I have a brightly coloured Aurora cichild in my 180 cm tank who's name is Micky. He is 10 cm long and is a beast of a fish. He likes to eat blood worms, but I feed him hikari gold pellets most of the time. It is not very territorial, but does defend it's "base", which is made of small stones to form a cave. It is a great fish to have in a tank, and is one really excellent looking fish.

Contributed by Michael Jacob

I owned a breeding trio of P. aurora for a few months. The dominant male and female showed aggression towards the other female. The pair killed off the other female and spawned. My female was holding the clutch when I found her stuck under my fallen rock scape. As a side note, it is important to have roughage (spirulina, etc) in the diet of these fish to prevent Malawi Bloat, commonly caused by too much protein in the diet.

Contributed by Andrew McPherson

Lovely fish, I just got one myself, it's very peaceful and loves to eat, it's usually the one splashing all the water out of the tank at feed time. It is a male with a vibrant yellow from the undersides of his jaw running down the length of his body, though it fades toward his tail. He's one of my favourites.

Contributed by Tim

These are a great fish. A little different than your usual african cichlid. Although the females are not too colourful, the males are beautiful. Purple body with a yellow throat.

Contributed by Warren Collings

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